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Ask Bobby #12
September 25, 2023

Special Elections: Students Able to Cast Their Vote Online

Students Can Now Vote in Special Elections Online

The Undergraduate Student Government will hold their Special Elections also this fall at the beginning of the new semester. These elections serve to occupy vacant seats of senators in the USG. At the end of last semester, more than 10 were been freed up and are now waiting to be filled with fresh and determined minds.

However, as of this fall semester, the election process has undergone an important change. All UMass Boston undergraduate students will now be able to participate in the special elections by simply accessing the USG website. “We hope that special elections being online will draw more interest from students and thus create more competition”, explains the Student Body Vice President Ciro Castaldi.

From September 8th through September 18th students can fill out an online form and submit it in order to cast their vote. The week after September 18th, elections will also open up to already seated senators and will be conducted through the usual SA groups.

As of now, new students will not be able to run for office because all official positions are filed for the year.

In case students are not sure about the whole election process or who they want to give their vote to, they will be able to attend an information session on Monday, September 14th in Room 2545 in the Campus Center from 10am to 11am. There, they will also have the ability to acquire other general or detailed information about the activities of the USG.

As Ciro Castaldi points out:” It is important for students to vote in our yearly elections to make sure their voices are being heard. Our Undergraduate Student Government advocates for students everyday.”

Following the elections, the newly elected member of the USG will be then in at the General Assembly which all UMass Boston students are free to attend.

For more information about the USG and how individuals can get involved, students can go to http://www.umbgov.com/