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Ask Bobby #12
September 25, 2023

Straight from the Stacks

The library is the cornerstone of any university. The digitization of books and periodicals has reduced the need for the physical storage space of libraries. However, two of Healey Library’s greatest attractions remain constant: a public meeting area on the eighth floor, and a peaceful escape on the sixth floor. Our library provides these along with six floors of computers available for student use, Jazzman’s — the best café on campus — and a staff of extremely helpful and knowledgeable people who will provide assistance with a smile on a variety of topics. 

Over the winter break I moved into my new apartment but did not have the Internet or cable hooked up for a while. This did not stop me from watching “Bend It Like Beckham”  and “True Blood,” all because I got hooked up with InterLibrary Loan (ILL).

Did you know that if the school’s library does not have a book, you can request a copy through ILL? All you need is your school ID and a barcode on the back that you obtain at the library. Please see the library website homepage to sign up. You can request textbooks, although they may not be the exact edition you are looking for, and also borrow DVDs through system for free! Pretty sweet, huh?

 Obviously the library is packed during the morning and afternoon hours, so if you are looking for a less hectic time to visit, try nights and weekends. My co-worker Wendell Weaver says, “You have to go to the fifth floor when it’s not busy and the sun is going down. It’s the sunniest floor in the building.”

 If you need to relax, study, get help with a paper, or enjoy the best cup of coffee on campus, come visit us. I look forward to helping you at the circulation desk.