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Ask Bobby #12
September 25, 2023

News Briefs

Due South

Some UMass students and faculty know what’s cooler than being cool. Soon to be ice cold are Dr. Meng Zhou, graduate student Ryan Dorland, and Research Associate Yiwu Zhu of the university’s Department of Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sciences (ECOS) who are heading into the Antarctic for their research project. Daily reports can be found at http://www.es.umb.edu/faculty/mzh/files/sfz/sfz.htm.

Amherst Gets Loan For More Dorms

UMass trustees have signed off on an $85 million dollar loan to help the housing crunch over at the Amherst branch, according to an Associated Press report. Student housing, set for 1,500 students, is to be built by 2005, with the possibility of construction starting as soon as this summer.

The flagship campus also needs $430 million for the next five years in order to fix up the campus. “Buildings are closed because they’re unsafe, because they’re uninhabitable,” The Boston Globe quoted Chancellor John Lombardi telling the UMass Board of Trustees at their recent meeting in New Bedford.

No word yet if any offer has been extended to Chancellor Lombardi to take a tour of UMass Boston’s garage, now with an ice rink.

Quote of Note

“The guy expected to be listened to much more than he is,” noted UMass Boston pollster Lou DiNatale of the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Policy Studies about Governor Mitt Romney in the February 8 Salt Lake Tribune. “He doesn’t understand that you are not the CEO of Massachusetts in politics. This isn’t a Mormon household of father knows best where everything you say, people say, ‘Great!'”


The 1/29 article “Alumni Outreach Grabs Senate President” neglected to mention that Clayton Turnbull ’88, CEO of the Waldin Group, Inc. is among the alumni to be honored at the Campus Center opening gala April 26. Tickets begin at $150, and not the $250 originally reported in the article and the alumni magazine UMass Boston, which was the article’s source for the figure.