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Loaded with Ketchup-Kerry for Prez

This election year has finally drawn to a close. It’s been hard, I know, especially if your only political opinion was pretty much narrowed down to NOT BUSH, like many people’s. Dereck Mangus is a man of just that nature (sort of). This year has been yet another example of democracy at its finest, and he has brought a smile to the faces of the typical Massachus-ites, the ones who were feeling a bit bored or frustrated about this whole debacle. Mangus did this by creating his very own Heinz Label Project.

As a 26-year old art major with an environmental studies minor, Mangus has been at UMass Boston for five years. This year, seeing as how the political planets where in perfect alignment, (1. it’s been a long time since the presidential debates were performed in the candidates own city; 2. Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is LOADED -with ketchup; and 3. the Republican and Democratic candidates were WRETCHED) he decided that it was an opportunity not to be passed up. Dereck came up with the idea of making new Heinz ketchup bottle labels. These labels display campaign slogans like, “Vote for Kerry,” and “Kerry for Prez,” which fit perfectly over the original, drab labels. When left in their regular places, restaurants, supermarkets, etc., these bottles make the political world a little brighter.

The point of these labels was not to persuade anyone into voting for one party or the other. “If someone saw my stickers and it made them decide to vote for Kerry, than they shouldn’t be allowed to vote,” he said. “This project wasn’t designed with devout, politically ardent democrats in mind. They might see it as too critical of Kerry and his wealth, and that would be too literal.” Mangus only hopes that this project will “bring a smile to people’s faces, and anger a few others.”

In response to the question of the Heinz Label Project being taken the wrong way, he answered: “Anything can be taken the wrong way. Other political forms of art, for example, Fahrenheit 9/11, were similar in the sense that they were created to illustrate politics, not to sway people from one side to another.” His main inspiration for the Heinz Label Project was Cildo Meireles, a Brazilian artist from the 1960’s who “fucked with Coca-Cola bottles and did funny stuff with money.” For more information on Meireles’s work visit the website: .

Mangus defines his project as a cross between graffiti, dada, and pop art. He is not a political person, at least, he says, “not devoutly. I’m a devout artist!”

Mangus has been making art since he started going to public high school, since his private school strangely did not have an art program. He hails from Hudson, MA and now lives in the fantastic city of Somerville. He was the former Art Director of the Mass Media and is now balancing as co-editor of The Watermark here at UMB and an internship with the environmental studies program: making a video about environmental injustices in low- income areas of Boston. Mangus just recently applied for a Fulbreight Scholarship to study environmental architecture in Australia after he graduates this spring. When asked if he has any future plans of a similar sort for political art, he answered, “Certainly. Every four to eight years.”

Dereck Mangus’s Heinz Label Project can be seen, if not in Star Market, at his website: