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Ask Bobby #12
September 25, 2023

Student Profile: Henny Salim

“When I get stressed with my homework, or bad exams, I relax by looking at the sea. I think no other university in Massachusetts has this kind of view.”

Looking at the ocean view from the Campus Center cafeteria, Henny Salim, an accounting major and an international student from Indonesia, recalled her experiences at UMass Boston. This is her last semester-within a few months, she will say farewell to this ocean view.

One of the things she’s enjoyed most at UMB is the diversity of students and courses. This was one of the reasons why she chose UMB as her learning place. “They give a lot of choices to students,” said Salim.

She’s also enjoyed the small class sizes that UMB offers. Because of the size, “the professor gets know us better. It is easy for us to participate and we also know everybody in class.” She enjoys talking with people and getting involved in activities expanding the advantages UMB offered her. “I like to meet people from different cultures, that’s the bottom line,” Salim smiled.

Through out this semester, Salim has worked on campus initiatives focusing on making UMB more rooted for its students. She is now a member of an organization that has worked on a campus presentation about Vietnam, which will be held November 29. The organization plans to invite three guest speakers from inside and outside of UMB’s campus and introduce Vietnam from a historic and religious perspective in addition to presenting its literature.

When asked what moved her to become involved in the project, she answered, “many Vietnamese students attend UMB, but I don’t see courses offered proportionately. We don’t even have a Vietnamese language class. I decided to join the organization and work for it.”

Through the presentation, she hopes to spark student interest in Vietnam and raise awareness of the necessity for courses serving the need of students who have been ignored. “I came from Indonesia and enjoy being here. Meet with many people, talk with them and I can learn many things with people from different countries,” Salim continued, “but I also think it would be interesting too, if I could learn about my people, my country and my culture. I think it would be very helpful for Vietnamese students.”

The UMB handbook guidebook asserts the value of the diversity of its student body. “If they are proud of it,” stated Salim “they should offer services that are as diverse as the students.”

As an international student, it’s never been easy for her to catch up with schools. “If I want to keep my student Visa, I need to take at least 12 credits every semester.” She is going to complete the task soon, but “then, I have to find a job to stay here.” Henny’s dream is to open her own business in her country, “it will take three or four years or more, and it’s a really long way to go.” Until that time, she has to manage a way to “get along with” the US society.

“UMB is a great school. They keep developing and always do much better than before,” Salim smiled again. “I hope our group’s campus event will also play a role in it. So, please come and join the presentation.”

Information about her group’s presentation will be posted on a wall soon and look for updates featured in Mass Media.