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And the Winner of Miss Boston is…


This was Berg’s second time competeting for Miss Boston. She will now go on to compete for Miss Massachusetts in June



Not even Nemo, who left us with as much as 30 inches of snow, could stop the Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge Pageant from happening Sunday, Feb. 10.

“We thought about canceling, but the 16 contestants wouldn’t let us,” said Dana Rosenguard, Vice President of the Miss Boston Scholarship Organization.

The snow also couldn’t stop more than 200 people from attending the event. The pageant was held at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel, and guests sat in the beautiful Imperial Ballroom to watch who would be crowned the next Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge.

Family and friends of contestants gathered in the ballroom and excitedly chattered in anticipation of the show. Some guests held signs with a picture of their contestant on one side and the words “WOW” written in glitter on the other. Among the crowd were current and former pageant winners wearing their crowns and sashes.

“I am excited and ready. I just want to get on stage and have some fun,” said finalist and UMass Boston nursing student Morgan Berg two hours before the pageant.

Finally the curtains opened revealing the 16 contestants each in a different outfit with matching colors of red and black. As they all stepped out to a choreographed dance to The Wanted’s hit “Glad You Came,” Berg stood out as the tallest among the finalists.

At one point the contestants formed a single file line and introduced themselves one by one to the audience, giving their name and where they’re from. When Berg spoke, a large section of the crowd cheered loudly.

After the opening number, the contestants went backstage as Rosenguard explained how the winner would be chosen and announced that, thanks to some generous donations, the original $1000 scholarship would now be $1,250.

After that, each contestant walked on stage alone to answer a question asked by Rosenguard. The questions revolved around the contestants’ interests and areas of study.

Berg was asked what it was about the Miss America Organization that makes a busy college student like her keep coming back. She answered that the great work the organization does in the community and the chance to win a scholarship that would help pay for her own schooling were driving factors for many girls.

With the Q&A over, the first half of the talent portion began. Berg appeared in the second half of the talent showcase later on. The performances ranged from dance numbers to singing to an award winning skier and former figure skater playing a wonderful rendition of “Largo Variations” by Antonin Dvorak on clarinet.

After the talent came the swimsuit contest. Berg, who runs on a platform of fitness, enjoys cooking healthy food and running along the Charles for fun, looked absolutely fantastic in a red bikini. She knew it too. It would be announced later on that Berg won this part of the competition.

The second half of the talent competition started and Berg performed a dance for the talent portion of the competition. She has been dancing for 13 years and was a former all conference dancer and president of her jazz team in high school. She nailed a dance number to Beth Hart’s jazz song “Monkey Back,” ending with a dizzying twirl that spun her around more times than you could count.

With the end of the talent portion came intermission. The audience refilled drinks as they guessed who was winning. “Some girls stand out more than others, but it’s close,” said a woman who spoke what many others must have been feeling.

After the evening gown segment of the competition took place, the winners would be announced. Berg glided across the stage in a stunning glittering gown by Jovani. All of the evening gowns blew away the audience. While the scoring was tallied up, the audience was treated to current Miss Massachusetts Taylor Kinzler’s perfect rendition of “At Last.”

Finally, with the drawing of the 50/50 raffle and a short Q&A with Most Outstanding Teen Amy DeSilva, the winners were ready to be announced.

The contestants came on stage in their evening gowns, standing shoulder to shoulder. They announced Miss Cambridge first, “And the winner of Miss Cambridge 2013 is … Carrie Sunde,” said Rosenguard. The crowed applauded for the Syracuse University student.

When Miss Boston was left to be announced, the room grew quiet. Berg, who was runner up for Miss Boston last year, stood on stage with her head down and eyes closed in anticipation.

“And the winner of 2013 Miss Boston is,” said Rosenguard slowly as he opened the envelope, “Morgan Berg!”

Berg’s section cheered louder then they ever had before. People rushed the stage to congratulate Berg who was adorned with a crown, bouquet and sash.

Organizers, friends and other contestants patiently waited to get a picture with the new Miss Boston, who was wiping away the mascara trailing down her face from tears.

She must have picked up crying from her father, who went back and forth between laughter and tears. “We’re so blessed,” he said, adding, “She’s going to represent Boston well.” Her mother, who said she usually does the crying, began to call other family members and tell them the exciting news.

“I’m so humbled and shocked and honored and just so excited,” said Berg, who is extremely proud to have won the crown and $1,250 scholarship.