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November 27, 2023

Student Comedy Show 2.0


Umass Boston students will be performing stand up and improv.



The student-run comedy show, “LMAO 2.0,” will perform at the Snowden Auditorium on Thursday, March 7. Sponsored by the Black Student Center and the Veterans Center, this is the second organized comedy show featuring UMass Boston students. 

“The first one [comedy show] was so successful, we planned to do another show immediately,” said Darius Brown, who hosted the first comedy show and will be performing stand up at “2.0.”

“There is going to be skits, improv games, stand up,” said Patrick O’Brien, who joked, “but mostly me.” O’Brien, along with Chris Lomax, will be hosting the show, which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Brown and the other performers have been preparing for the show in between classes this semester. Junior Cius, who is a theater arts major and once taught at ImprovBoston, has been working on the improv games with the performers.  The preperation will help the performers stay on their game as some of the funniest moments from the last show were spontaneous.

Like when a performer suddenly needed a chair, and from stage left, a chair came flying out, bouncing along the stage. Or when someone asked for his sister to join him in an improv game. O’Brien heard “stripper,” so he ripped off his shirt and started pole dancing on the mic stand.

“LMAO 2.0” will kick off with a video the group put together within the last month. The video has a “Where are they now?” motif, which showcases what each individual performer has been doing since the fall show launched them into “fame and fortune.”

The video also features two Haitian characters, played by Cius and Jovan Toussaint, who give a tour of UMass Boston, calling it a “five-star hotel.” Toussaint stole the first show with his role in “The Bachelorette” game.

There are 11 students scheduled to perform stand up or take part in improv games and skits. If all goes well, there are plans to put on yet another show at the end of the semester.