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New healthy options on campus


A UMass Boston student takes a moment to enjoy the new Farmer’s Fridge located in Campus Center near the bookstore. Use the code “HOCO25” to get a discount!

Based on student feedback from last year, UMass Boston has added a variety of new food options all over campus. From smoothies to noodle bowls to a new mobile order app, students should be able to find something to fix their cravings.
Students might have noticed the sleek vending machines in Campus Center. This is Farmer’s Fridge, a recent addition to the school, offering fresh, convenient and affordable on-the-go meals. They work hard to partner with companies “who believe in treating their employees and the environment as ethically as possible” (1).
Each meal is nutrient dense and contains a full serving of fruits and vegetables. They also focus on reducing food waste by composting all leftovers by hand. The company regularly helps out in the community and has donated over $500,000 in food since 2020 (1). The containers that the meals are packaged in can also be washed and reused for other purposes.
In these fridges, students will find an assortment of food, including various pudding and yogurt bowls, salads, and pasta and rice bowls, all for around $7. For a limited time, Farmer’s Fridge is also offering 25 percent off all purchases when code HOCO25 is used at checkout, now until Oct. 3. Farmer’s Fridge meals can be found in the Beacon Cafe and Food Court as well.
Also new to campus this year is Swirl, a station for smoothies and smoothie bowls. Every item on their menu is nut-free, gluten-free and plant-based. They have several frozen fruits, juices and plant-based milks to customize a drink to the student’s liking, as well as offering a variety of specials. The smoothies are $5 and the bowls range from $6 to $7. Frequent smoothie-buyers will know that this is a steal! Swirl is located in Beacon Cafe, next to the sushi station.
Aside from Swirl, Beacon Cafe has some other recent updates. A make-your-own waffle station has been added, featuring an imprint of the UMass Boston logo. Also, the Fry Factory is back! They are offering several fried chicken options including chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches and chicken and waffles, in addition to several french fry options, including cheddar buffalo fries and loaded fries.
UMass Boston has decided to replace the old mobile-ordering app, Bite, with a new app called Everyday. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Users can customize their settings to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions, as well as enter their meal plan instead of paying out of pocket.
To order an item, one selects their eatery of choice, then selects each item to add to their order. Users can view allergens and nutritional information, along with the individual prices of each item. Then, once they’re done with their order, they can pick up the food at the Everyday booth at the chosen location. This is a quick and convenient way to skip the line on the way to class.
This year, the Dining Commons is providing a free Green-To-Go container upon move-in, compared to previous years where students had to pay for one when getting their food. Also, the Quesadilla Corner is now a permanent station, and the school has created a day every month for Monthly Birthday meals where students can submit birthday recipes to be featured during their birthday month.
Whether students are ordering food through their phone or sitting down at Beacon Cafe, there should be an option for everyone.


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