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11/27/23 pdf
November 27, 2023

The Left Edge

This should be a meaningful, insightful thought-provoking essay. Or it should be a smut filled mudslinging. I, the high almighty who deems what is correct and who is to blame.

“Rhetoric! Rhetoric! We need a Rhetoric!” A soldier stands above his fallen comrade.

Last time around I just sat around and … did you know what I had in store? How about this-me, THE ONE TRUE AMERICAN!

I like that. I believe that too. Me. The one who votes. The one who complains and bitches and whines and says, “WE NEED MORE COMPASSION!” I once said Jesus Christ was the greatest man to ever walk the earth. I also said that he was the most misunderstood. Then my man Foley pointed out that searching for the answer was the point of being human.

“So you mean that this whole time that I’ve sat on my throne, preaching the word of my God, has been a waste? You mean to tell me that were not supposed to have an answer?”

Instinctively I was scared. Your good friend sits you down and tells you flat out, “Dude, life is about searching. If we couldn’t search we’d be repressed.”

There used to be my answers and your answers.

“There’s no wrong answer.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? There is always an answer, always a solution.”

If you start to believe the things that you tell other people, you will become a bigot.

Dogma they call it, I believe…

WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER. A big blue button, pinned seductively by a charming young socialist cheerleader, in between her breasts fashioned with a big bright smile and a penchant for idealism. Young idealists are the future hope of this country. Churchill once said something along the lines of “there is something wrong with you if you are not young and socialist, middle aged and liberal, old and conservative.

It’s the solution I laugh with my friend. But there are people who believe that, with a passion. And I laugh at the ignorance of the proposition that war is the answer. A remedy? For what, disaster? A great historian tells me, “History strongly attests that not responding to blatant attacks only leads to worse repercussions.”

Right. And when in history has man never responded to violence without using violence?

“Um…Excuse me, Mr. Kress, I’m going to have to put you on hold I have another call… … … … …Thank you for holding, your call is very important to us… … … … …”

How about talking? “Dude, these people don’t want to talk!”

They don’t!

Stop the tape. Zzwrp! What the fuck do you mean they don’t want to talk? Have we ever tried? And yes I mean WE as in we’re all so damn nationalistic now. When was the last time this nation was so damn patriotic? Try World War II. A friend who teaches High School in Arizona saw a student with an American Flag tee-shirt, “When I was your age,” it always starts, “we wore the flag for the irony of it.”

Irony? What does that mean? Doesn’t that mean, like, you say one thing, but like, mean the other? Or is that sarcicism?

You mean sarcasm?


Nothing, I was just being ironic. Or was I? I can’t remember, back when I was my age…

Twenty-five fun filled years of no decent form of foreign affairs with the Muslim world has led to the Crusaders versus Arabian Knights football game with a 13 point spread.

By the way the socialist cheerleader is the one in the red white and blue uniform with the tattoos and armpit hair.

Long live the spirit of the sixties and seventies. Marley, Beatles, LSD, herpes, hash, free love, the clap, “joints-lids-hits,” and my personal favorite: make love not war, hit the bed then the floor.

My parents were hippies. One day in the 12th grade I found their stash. It got me oh so high. Thanks Ma and Pa for everything. I love you!

Then there were the eighties. Iran Contra scandal, the Shah, Israel, Palestine, Egypt. Fun!

What did we ever do? Nothing. And that is the tragedy. Unofficially 5,500 people died because I did nothing except pay my taxes and live, like so many other people and the wonderful protectors of Homeland Security did… “Nothing. It was the CIA! I swear.”

My ass.

But that is the point. The burning question in my mind is this: We have a government that is waging a war against us in the form of the War on Drugs, creates or fails to create a comprehensive relationship with many countries that it calls “rogue states” and thus creates a war it was “forced into” and we still support it? Vehemently?

I don’t know about you but I don’t like war. Killing people is bad. I got that right out of this book called the Bible. Hey look it’s also in this other book I picked up the other day, the Koran.

There’s a knock on the door.

My time is up.