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December 4, 2023
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November 27, 2023


Consensus is difficult to obtain in any matter. Blue to you is aqua to me, and your bologna is my baloney. In this upcoming gubernatorial election there is no such animal among your hardworking Mass Media staff on the matter of who to vote for. In the matter of who to vote against, we are united. We do not wholeheartedly endorse Deval Patrick for Governor. Most of us do, but it’s a funny time in politics. We’ve been so scandalized for so long, and have just about seen everything, so when someone anywhere talks “Hope” we almost sorta want to buy in. But, nobody wants to get fooled again. We’ve seen what Kerry Healey has to offer, and are vehemently against it. Columnist Brian McGrory of the Globe, whose column has been must-read through the race, has said that Healey has gone so negative in her campaign that it clouds the many things she has to offer. We’d disagree with Mr. McGrory here and say that Healey has nothing to offer Massachusetts but an extension of the Romney administration we’ll unfortunately never get a chance to reject as voters. We’re not all for Deval. But we are all for change. Here are some of the positions Mass Media staff has taken. The reader is encouraged to present his or her own opinion on why they’re voting as they are.

“I’m voting for Deval. I’ve been for him since the beginning of his campaign, when he stood up to the Black Ministerial Alliance at a meeting where several conservative ministers gathered to berate him for his support for same-sex marriage. He simply turned and said something like ‘We have rising gang violence, drugs in our communities, and poorly funded schools. Do you really think gay marriage is the issue that the Black community should be worried about right now?'”

“Voting is like playing poker–One must always factor in other players and never bet while looking only at your own hand. I like Mihos and Patrick, and I’m even charmed by Ross, but given Healey’s still considerable base of support, I think a vote for anyone but Patrick would be ill-spent.”

“I’m voting for Mihos for two reasons. First, platform wise he’s the only one who covers all my bases (death penalty, illegal immigration, T fares). Second, it’s nice to finally see some viable third party candidates actually get to share the electoral limelight and actually have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a reasonable percentage of the vote (I miss you Ross Perot and Admiral Stockdale!).

Its great to finally see some candidates not aligned with the Demoplicans or Republocrats get some recognition. Serious! We should do a poll to find out how many people are registered independent. I think we’d be surprised”

“I’m personally voting ‘for’ Deval P., but really I am voting against Kerry Healey with all my might. My view on the Romney administration is, well, rather dim, and I want all traces of it gone. I think many people are ready to say “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” to everything connected with the Stormin’ Mormon. It doesn’t hurt Patrick either that I just hate Healey’s face, I think it sucks. But otherwise, I mean- Deval seems like an intelligent guy, he has a pretty solid background, he has the support of both the business community and the neighborhoods, great. Let’s see what he has to offer.”

“I’m not sure, though, that he doesn’t only look so good because his opposition looks so bad.”

So there you have it folks, our takes for what they’re worth. What’s yours? What’s the Commonwealth’s? We’ll soon find out.