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December 4, 2023
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November 27, 2023

Shakespeare in Hardcore?

Shakespeare in Hardcore?

The Hammer Brothers, an up and coming band from Massachusetts have been taking the Boston scene by storm. Their music is hardcore in its best form, brutal guitar riffs with in your face lyrics… think about Slapshot and Wrecking Crew having a baby, it would be the Hammer Brothers. I recently had the privilege to interview the lead singer Jim, and aside from band related things I got to hear about what the band does outside of performing together:

Mass Media: In terms of the way you all met; were you guys friends from high school, did you just start finding people from want ads to form the Hammer Brothers, how did the band exactly form?

Jim: Well… Matt and I grew up next door to each other. He was really into one of my old bands and used to come to practice and watch. One day one of our guitar players quit and walked out… So I looked over at Matt and said… Go get your guitar. Josh played in a band called “DrugxTest”… I was really into them and he knew we were looking for a second guitar player so he was a sure shot. Gisel was one of Josh’s friends who was into the band and was in Over the Top and Since the Flood. When our original bass player had to leave Gisel stepped right in. Steve is our new drummer… and is a god send. Steve got the job because he was friends with Gisel. We never thought anyone could come close to matching the intensity of our original drummer Chris (shipwreck), but this dude… words can’t describe.

MM: Personally your music reminds me of the old school hardcore bands like Slapshot or Wrecking Crew, What music influenced you guys to make the music you write?


MM: I noticed that in the liner notes of “The Vitality” CD the lyrics to songs 1 and 9 are taken from William Shakespeare, where did that come from?

Jim: Well only one line from each song was taken from Willy (Shakespeare). In Legion (“oh what fools these mortals be”) and in Playground (“all the world’s a stage”) I used the lines because I felt he was feeling the exact way I was at the time of the writing. His words were way ahead of his time… also I think he was a sick man.

MM: Tell us a little about the bands that you guys are liking currently that are in the scene, bands that you guys think should get more focus.

Jim: Harder the Fight (HTF) and Shoot to Kill… HTF has a new record coming out but trust me, nothing in the world can do the justice of seeing this band live, its an experience. Shoot to Kill is hands down the greatest current hardcore band, they sound like no one but themselves.

MM: Here’s a question to look from all sides; what do all the members of Hammer Bros. do when they’re not making awesome music, or playing live to hundreds of deranged hardcore fans?

Jim: Josh and Myself ironically work in the justice system, Matt goes to Berklee college of music, Gisel shoots dice, and Steve is brand new so I am still getting to know him. I basically don’t sleep… just work, school, band… Life is hard but I’ll get what I want.

MM: Here’s a question towards the future, what can the world hope to see from the Hammer Bros., is there a U.S. tour coming up, what does the band’s schedule look like for the next couple of months? We are playing MA, NH, NY, PA, WV, and FL all in August… after that its back to business and writing some music. We will be heading up to Canada shortly as well.

You can check out the Hammer Brothers at www.myspace.com/hammerbros for show listings and to hear songs from their new record, “The Vitality”.