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Zach McCoubry

Zach McCoubry

ZOOM (DVD)Columbia Pictures, 2006

What a fantastic concept, a jaded and middle-aged Captain Zoom (tim allen) must train a new generation of heroes to fight his crazy brother. If Michael Bay made this movie it would be the greatest non comic super-hero film of all time. Instead we get Tim Allen making lame fart jokes while hits on Courtney Cox. – Conor Napier

Lucinda WilliamsWestLost Highway Records, 2007

Lucinda Williams has a signature blend of blues, country and folk, and she may be one of the most underrated artists. I mean, have YOU heard OF her, much less her music? “West” is a terrific album, adventurous and inspired. Her lyrics, always ironic, are at their sexually aggressive peak in “Come On,” and songs “Are You Alright?” and “Unsuffer Me” are heartbreaking in their simpleness. – Lovechester

Babel (DVD)Paramount Pictures Babel has everything; a great plot, terrific storytelling, well-developed characters, Tijuana. Plus I finally have a film with a promiscuous Japanese schoolgirl that I’m not ashamed to watch with others. – Chad Cid-Hogan

UnearthThe Oncoming StormMetal Blade, 2004

Whether you’re looking for something to bang your head to or something that you uncontrollably tap the tables to, local boys Unearth are always a good energizer for me. Oddly enough though, this band’s screaming vocals, rippling guitar work and pounding double bass seem to relax me at times as well. – Ryan Thomas

Patty GriffinChildren Running ThroughATO Records, 2007

I worship the ground that Patty Griffin walks on. Here’s yet another gorgeous gem of an album from this folk-rock artist. Whether it’s her slow piano ballads, her gospel and blues belting, or her poignant, insightful lyrics, Griffin slays me with every track, album after album. – Shea Mullaney

Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man (DVD)Lions Gate Entertainment, 2007

This musical film of groundbreaking substance honors the brilliant Leonard Cohen. Familiarity with Cohen’s work is not necessary for viewing, as director Lian Lunson includes tribute performances by well-loved artists as U2, Beth Orton, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave and many others. The superb tribute performances in the film culminate in a collaboration with U2 and Cohen, performing “Tower of Song.” All songs from the film can be purchased individually via iTunes and but the purchase of this lyrical film is well worth it. – Abbey McDonald