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Police Log

Police Log
Police Log

Tuesday, February 20

3:45 AM: Police responded an alarm call in the Campus Center. The call came after a deliveryman triggered the alarm system while trying to get into the emergency call box area behind the Campus Center.

1:45 PM: A disturbance was reported when two guys began physically fighting with one another. The fight began when one guy made unwarranted advances towards a young woman, at which point in time the other gentleman defended the woman, thus beginning the fight. How romantic. Police responded to the scene, but everything had broken up by then.

Wednesday, February 21

11:31 AM: Campus Police responded to reports of suspicious odors coming from outside Wheatley Hall. Police responded to the scene, and found the smell to be coming from an outdoor ashtray. People: please, please either stop smoking, or start putting your cigarette’s stubs out before putting them in the receptacle.

2:59 PM: Police responded to reports of a disturbance in the Healey Library. The report was filed as a result of two women speaking loudly, and there was no further problem when Police informed the two of the code of conduct within the Library.

3:55 PM: A prospective student grew faint while taking a tour of the UMB Campus Center. After the woman reported feeling ill, she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Do you suppose her faintness was due to the awe inspiring qualities of our school? I do.

Thursday, February 22

5:59 AM: Campus Police responded to an accident by the Lower Bus-way after somebody slipped and fell on the ice behind the Administrative Building. The fallen victim was fine, and the Police took the person to the Campus Center where they were eventually picked up by their parents.

7:29 AM: A medical assist was reported in the D Parking Lot of the UMass campus. The report was filed when somebody slipped and fell on the ice outside. Police tended to the fallen victim, and called for an ambulance, which was eventually turned down when the victim claimed to feel better.

10:00 AM: Police responded to a trespassing in the Science Center, and found that somebody gained access to a restricted area. Police reported to the scene, but found the person had already left.

10:44 AM: Police responded to a student in the Health Services who complained of chest pains. Police arrived and called for an ambulance to pick up the student, who was then taken to a local hospital.

11:58 AM: Another person was taken to a local hospital for reported chest pains. Police arrived at the Health Services area, and called for an ambulance to transport the patient to a local area hospital.

1:23 PM: A larceny was reported in the Science Center for…get this…a lock that cut from a locker. You guessed it: nothing was taken from inside the locker, except for the lock itself. It seems the robber had a severe case of short-term memory loss, thus forgetting to rob the locker they broke into.

2:54 PM: Police responded to a disturbance after hearing complaints of a library staff member disputing with a student while walking from Healey Library all the way to Wheatley Hall to the Campus Center.

10:41 PM: A disturbance was reported in the Clark Center after two club hockey teams renting the ice continually got into fights. The referee of the night called the police to be witness in case anything exceedingly bad should take place. The players behaved from that moment on, and the referee agreed to not press the matter with the Police, but decided instead to go straight to the club management.

10:43 PM: A disturbance was reported on the Crystal Line bus after somebody who continually harassed people refused to leave from the bus. Police arrived at the scene and eventually arrested the individual for drunkenness and for having outstanding warrants.

Friday, February 23

1:45 PM: A fire drill went down in the Campus Center…of course you know that, there were friggin’ signs everywhere to warn you beforehand.

Saturday, February 24

3:24 PM: Police responded to a hit & run on the University Drive north. The report came after a gentleman walked out to the parking lot to find that his car had been hit by somebody leaving. When the Police arrived, the victim had already left before giving his information.

3:55 PM: A larceny was reported in the Plaza after somebody left something behind in one of their classes in the McCormack Building. Smooth!