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Police Log

Police Log
Police Log

Monday, March 126:26 AM: Alarm Calls in the Service Building. Service was rendered, everything okay. 10:37 AM: Third false fire alarm in the Clark Center due to construction workers. We all know they just wanted an excuse to see the attractive police officer check everything out once more.10:48 PM: Larceny reported in Wheatley. Perhaps the officer was too taken with one of the construction hunks to pay attention to any petty larcenies.10:00 PM: There was a disturbance at University Drive North after the Athletic Building lost power. Several Hockey players were not allowed through the tollbooths after having already paid.

Tuesday, March 132:23 PM: An accident between two cars complete with property damage was reported on University Drive East. Campus police assisted other authorities, there were no injuries.

Wednesday, March 148:44 AM: A Crystal Line Bus was hit on Morrissey Blvd. Campus Police once again assisted other authorities.9:04 AM: Harassing phone calls were reported in the Administration building, but police arrived to find no one. The police had apparently responded to a harassing phone call about a harassing phone call.10:20 AM: A hit and run was reported on University Drive South. Property Damage was reported.11:48 AM: Medical Assist was needed in Wheatley. A woman not feeling well was transported to the hospital.8:16 PM: Alarm Calls reported on the fourth floor of the Campus Center.Everything checked and secure.

Thursday, March 1510:13 AM: Larceny was reported in the Campus Center. Guess the kleptos have to get all their campus stealing out before spring break.

Friday, March 1612:46 PM: The smell of smoke was reported in the Administration building. There was actually a small fire this time, due to the construction workers down below.4:52 PM: Another larceny reported in the Healey building. Last day before break for the five-finger discount.

Saturday, March 178:10 PM: Larceny reported in the Clark Center. It seems I was wrong; thieves don’t take a week off and were still at large Saturday night.

Sunday, March 188:25 AM: Campus Police assisted state troopers on Morrissey Blvd.

Monday, March 1911:12 AM: Larceny reported on the second floor of the Administration Building. I guess someone wanted to spend spring break searching for their missing laptop.1:35 PM: Apparently our thief decided to upgrade to faculty theft; a burglary was reported on the same floor of the Administration Building.5:57 PM: False Fire alarm reported in the Clark Center due to construction.

Tuesday, March 209:07 AM: A suspicious haze was reported in the Clark Center, but police were cancelled en route. Somebody got their senses confused when they thought work from the construction smelled like marijuana. Good news for all pot heads, just blame it on a construction site, there’s always one nearby in Boston.9:38 AM: False fire alarm in the Clark Center. This time due to the alarm company messing with things they obviously shouldn’t have been.

Wednesday, March 215:09 AM: Smoke detector went off for unknown reason in the Science Center.12:43 PM: Another office burglary reported, Wheatley fourth floor.

Thursday, March 2212:15 PM: A driver was arrested on University Drive North. After being pulled over, police discovered the driver not only didn’t have a license, but had an outstanding warrant as well. Sorry, but no matter how attractive you are, you just aren’t going to talk yourself out of that one. 2:47 PM: Police were called to the Administrative Building due to the harassing phone calls that appeared just over a week ago. Those that called in the harassment were present this time when the police arrived and a report was taken.4:23 PM: Campus police once again assisted state police with a car that was pulled over on University Drive South.

Saturday, March 246:12 AM: Alarm Calls reported in the Service Building. Police reported service rendered, everything all set.1:55 PM: False Fire alarm in the Clark Center reported as criminal. The youngest criminal on our campus wandered away from Mommy or Daddy to pull the fire alarm. No question, send the delinquent to jail, case closed.