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November 27, 2023

Breakin in Boston

Beach Day at the GardensSpring break doesn’t always have the best weather in Boston, but thanks to global warming, it’s more likely than not that outside is where you’re going to want to spend some of your time.

While there are some beaches in the area, like Crane’s beach, swimming in the water may not be the best idea unless you have a hypodermic needle-proof bathing suit and an immune system strong enough to handle the worst that Boston can throw at you (love that dirty water).

As an alternative, grab some takeout from some of the best cooked meat the city has to offer at Blue Ribbon Barbecue (908 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington), pick up a six pack of Sam Adams White Ale ($7.49; most reputable liquor stores), and head over to the Boston public Gardens Yes, the public gardens; that beautiful stretch of green space in the middle of the city that you always walk around and once stumbled into to take a piss.

Bring a Frisbee and a radio, and you have your day at the beach without having to spend the next week getting rid of all of the sand that has found it’s way into e very crevice of your body.

North of the BorderInstead of heading to the Caribbean for your spring break, why not bring some latin flair to Boston? It’s just as fun, much less and expensive and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of travel and likelihood of being kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.

Start your adventure with a trip to Oriental de Cuba (416 Centre St Jamaica Plain), home of Boston’s best Cuban sandwich and a ropa vieja just like madre used to make.

From there, squeeze some culture into your break with trip to the Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue, Boston) to check out their collection of Central and South American arts, and prove to yourself that there is more to those continents than tequila beach bashes, cheap pharmaceuticals, and cocaine.

Finish your day with some smokin’ salsa dancing, complete with instruction from 10:30-11, at Masa (439 Tremont St., Boston) in the South End (Thursday nights only), just steps from Back Bay Station on the orange line. They also have a delicious array of $1 tapas to fuel your passionate hot-stepping.

Harbor Island HoppingFor a slightly more rustic spring break, that still lets you have that island adventure you’ve always wanted, hit up the Boston Harbor Islands.

Just a short boat ride from Boston proper, these funky little islands offer a refreshing escape from city living complete with every outdoor activity you can think of. Spend the day hiking, kayaking, throwing a football around, or smoking a fat blunt (at your own risk; not an endorsement) as you take in the joys of nature.For a longer stay, there are numerous locations on the islands that offer campgrounds with all the necessary amenities, so just pack in a couple tents and some sleeping bags, stoke up the fire, bust out the guitar and settle in.

It’s on a deserted island, it isn’t overrun with drunken frat boys rockin’ the backwards baseball cap and puka shell necklace spring break uniform, and it’s free to get there. Asking for more is just demanding.

New England AquariumIf you can’t go snorkeling off the Keys, but still want a deep-sea experience this Spring Break, you can purchase a dolphin costume or that of the colorful clownfish ($95 at Boston Costume, 200 Broadway, Cambridge) and get off at the Aquarium Blue Line stop and buy a $19.95 dollar ticket at the New England Aquarium.

When there, you can stand really close to the tank and pretend you are swimming in them with the dolphins. If you smush your cheek against the glass and say “Ooooo! Ooooo!” you may make a friend!

But you must remember, the sea is a jungle, with a relentless food chain hierarchy. After your communion with your ichthyoid brethren, flip-flop to Legal Seafoods (255 State Street) or, even better, the No-Name Restaurant (15 Fish Pier). Taking extra care that there are no larger predators around, ask for a bucket of chum and dig in.

If it is snowing, be the polar bear. The fierce, carnivorous polar bear! Rrraaarrr! Lord of the tundra.

You’re in Boston-Learn to Love ItAnother option is to stop denying the reality of the situation, that you’re in Boston for the break, and just to embrace your surroundings and spend some quality time with your city. It does so much for you, the least you can do is take a day to appreciate it. Sometimes with the strang und durm of everyday life, we forget that there is a big, wide city outside of our little peninsula here on Harbor Point.

Pop down to Chinatown for a quick lunch at any of the numerous dumpling houses and bakeries before grabbing some homemade ginger or vanilla ice cream at the hidden jewel that is Wei Wei Ice Cream (Oxford St., Chinatown); probably the best ice cream in the city, but they aren’t even listed in the phonebook. While enjoying your frozen treat, take a stroll through the winding streets of Downtown Boston, making sure to take in the fine fabrics of the Boston’s garment district, the old city hall, and the hustle and bustle of Downtown Boston.

From there, head on over to the waterfront and hit up the Harpoon Brewery (306 Northern Avenue, Boston) for a free 4pm “tasting” of their award winning beers, including some brews that have yet to hit the market. It’s just a quick jaunt over to the Institute for Contemporary Art (100 Northern Avenue, Boston), which is featuring the controversial works of graffiti-artist Shepard Fairey.

From there finish your night at legendary North End pizza destination Pizzeria Regina. This New England institution, famous for their perfect thin crust pies, has opened numerous locations around the state but the original still remains the best. Grab some cannoli at Bova’s Bakery (134 Salem Street, Boston), open 24-hours every day, and let the pastry cream and the happiness of a day well lived carry you back to the T.