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Campus Connects Highlights:

The Student Senate received over 600 suggestions and complaints from students staff, and faculty at UMB. Here are some of the Highlights:

Seventy Six Suggestions for the Cafeteria:

“Food needs more variation and should be cheaper. Need to keep enough cashiers on the registers.”

Sixty Seven Complaints About UMB Fees:

“Financial transparency. This is a public institute; please stop treating it like a business.”

Fifty Six Complaints about Parking:

“For crying out loud, we are just students, going to school is stressful enough, adding extra stress is just bad. I also noticed that some schools do have free parking for students. We support ourselves (at least most of us do) and cannot afford the high rates or fees that are added to almost everything that we should be getting for FREE!”

Student Issues with Staff, Faculty and Classes

“There are a lot of rude office personnel who treat students like they are bothering them. For every 1 nice person, there are 4 rude ones.”

“Campus center advisors set up students on a 4 class/semester schedule which makes the BA a 5 year degree. Students should be aware of this and advisors should make sure they know this and encourage a 5 class/semester schedule.”

“I understand you want well-rounded students but why do musicians/artists/thinker types, (all of us not going into marketing, business and advertising). Have to take a math courses? Why not make marketing majors take sculpture?”

“School is too hard”

Student Senate Issues:

“Budget and finance should get their shit together. I want to know where my money is being spent.”

“You guys should try to connect more with us, the students.”

“They should be more organized with the way they deal with clubs & funds.”

Student Activities / Engagement:

“We need a football team, and more activities, and more parties, and a less pathetic mascot.”

“Aesthetically could be better. ‘Prison like’-well connected. Spruce it up, landscaping, science building, dark, pictures are weird, more art.”

“It sucks that we cancelled the corporate MFA membership. SUCKS!”

“The Mass Media has too many grammatical error and spelling issues.”

Bathroom Issues:

“The bathroom (a few of them) should have change areas in case people bring their children.”

“People peeing on floor in bathroom. In Amsterdam, a sticker of a fly is placed in the urinal, studies show that if given something to aim at, there is less of chance of missing”

“The female toilets should have that protective sheet that we spread on the toilet seats for hygiene purposes. It is not our fault that we have to sit on the toilet.”

“The bathrooms should have music playing, even if it’s classical music. There is no reason bathrooms have to be awkward.”

Comment from UMB President Jack Wilson

“I love the spirit of the UMB students. Be sure to keep alive that spirit of inclusion, innovation, and innovativeness.”

Comment From Chancellor Keith MotleySoup is toooo salty along with sauces. (J. Keith Motley)