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November 27, 2023

Veteran’s Days

As November 11th approaches, Americans turn towards their veterans and Nations around the world salute their veterans in a variety of ways. In the Commonwealth of Nations, November 11th is called “Remembrance Day” and, as in the U.S., all veterans are honored – though the significance of the date is related to the end of World War I, citizens think of veterans from all wars and military service on this day. Also, two minutes of silence are observed at eleven o’clock, because it was at that hour that armistice documents were signed, ending major hostilities in the First World War.

In my home country of Canada, people wear poppies for the two weeks before November 11th to symbolize their appreciation of the veterans’ sacrifices. Many people attend Remembrance Day services at cenotaphs and leave their poppies there.

Australia and New Zealand observe Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day on April 25. This date refers to the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I but also honors soldiers who served these countries in different operations.

We asked UMass Boston students about what their countries do to honor their veterans.

Name: Talia GolijovCountry: ArgentinaMajor: Undecided

Argentina doesn’t really have an equivalent to Veterans Day, but there is an equivalent to Independence Day. Dia de la Independencia is a statutory holiday celebrated on July 9th. It commemorates Argentina’s gaining independence from Spanish rule in 1816. Argentina has a small army and the day is not concerned with glorifying the military.

Name: Aliya BatyrovaCountry: KazakhstanDepartment: Management

In Kazakhstan we celebrate Den Pobyedy, The Day of the Victory, on May 9th. This day commemorates the 1945 end of the Soviet Union’s war with Germany. It is a statutory holiday and parades are held. There are special memorials in each city honoring the veterans and war movies are broadcasted on TV. Many cities have statues of two young women, Manshuk Mametova and Aliya Moldagulova who fought and died in the war. We use the day to remember veterans, heroes and people lost in the war – it is not a day for glorifying war or talking badly about other side.

Name: Sonam TakkarCountry: IndiaDepartment: MBA

India honors its veterans on two days each year – January 26 is Republic Day, Gantantra Divas, and August 15 is Independence Day, Swatantra Divas. The prime minister salutes veterans and freedom fighters, and a torch is lit in remembrance. India has many different religions and all of them are represented in the parades that take place on these days. The national anthem is played at the same time across the country and people gather at India Gate in Delhi. These days are intended both to salute the soldiers and veterans and to celebrate India’s independence, but they are not about glorifying the military.