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City Blood

The life of the city. The essence of what the city is. Its blood its pulse its health. It’s affecting You.

If your environment can predict your education and personality, than it can too predict your health.

In school, at the office, under the streets. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. Stress. Pollution. Tension.

Its environmental sickness. It’s dirty. It’s in the air and water flowing. The earth suffocated under blankets of pavement.

It affects your conscious. You know it. When you enter a room and you don’t feel so good. When the urge to consume is stronger than you’re used to, than you know it should be. “He who dies with the most things wins.”

You have to protect the state of your mind. Like a steel animal.

To balance the nurturing of nouns, is nature. Your natural nature. Who you like to be. Feeling your own skin. Like seeing your hands for the first time. Nature is that sense of self.

A stronger sense of self = stronger nature. A strong nature = a stronger sense the people have of themselves. A weaker natural environment = less strength in people.

People everyday are overcoming the blockade. The one we put up when we separated ourselves from the outside.

Free will, self-discipline, and effort.

These set you free. Free to function in modern day facilities. Without worry. Done by contem anybody else. Not your body. Not your boy. Not nobody. You keep from doing harm and the chances of harm decreases.

The power of the human spirit. I believe.

I believe that people generate a vibration around themselves. I’d appreciate if they’d try to make it good. It’s possible to put out a good mood.

I believe people accomplish anything if two factors are favorable; Omniverse and Yourself.

Your effort will generate a result from Omniverse. It’s something like a game. Gifts, miracles, good luck, good timing, good health, good memories, good food. Good comes as a result to the good tokens dropped into the machine named Omniverse. It’s a very complex machine.

Look forward to the article discussing the complex calculations this machine makes.

On the flip-side of the coin, is the dark token. Putting in weak effort, lies, stealing, cheating, yields greater and greater dangers and difficulties. These are worth overcoming. The end result is a stronger and more knowledgeable person. Possibly.

Dark decisions aren’t always such bad things to make. They take you sideways, not backwards, this allows you to explore you. The last word was meant to say ‘more’ but what I wrote is true.

Sometimes exploring is what one feels one must do. I am too ignorant to form an opinion of it. I’ll tell you what I know though. It’s the exploration of civilized nations that ravished the people and land. Worst disease I’ve ever seen. Exploration also blesses with great discoveries, inventions, trade, and learning.

Despite decision making, there is a calm reviving, a soft appreciation, a heart felt thanking, imagining, humbling, sky lining, the human spirit factory producing energy.

Know, that you can do anything. Building yourself up, pushing your ego down, encouraging your heart and keeping pollution out of your body, mind, keeps it out of your soul. And your soul can keep it out of your mind and body. Freewill, self-awareness, neuron wiring a feeling of spirituality, is all capable of overriding destruction.