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November 27, 2023

Miss Demeanor

Dear Miss Demeanor,I’m in love with a girl who is absolutely perfect. She’s hot, intelligent, ambitious, and a blast to be around. She says she has feelings for me, too, and I’ve waited years to get the chance to be with her. (She used to go out with a buddy of mine.) However, I recently found out that she slept with her ex boyfriend over spring break, and then learned that she’s been sleeping around quite a bit since they broke up. This pisses me off, but I’m still completely head over heels for her. How can I make her realize that I’m the perfect guy for her and that she should stop messing around with other guys? -Dejected

Dear Dejected,Sounds like Miss Perfect has self-esteem issues. And you’re probably not the only guy she’s stringing along to up her ego. This is not only obvious because she’s promiscuous, but also because she’s scamming on her ex boyfriend’s friends. (A sure sign that she’s insecure.) This girl has deeper issues than you can deal with, so there’s really no way you alone can get her to come around. No matter how perfect you may be for her, she’s going to keep degrading herself by sleeping with other guys to feel attractive, desired, validated, etc. She needs to work on these issues herself, and unless she’s willing to admit that she’s got a problem, there’s nothing you can do. Stop wasting your time. There’s a plethora of hot, intelligent, ambitious and fun girls out there that aren’t floozies. [Caveat: places to find these girls do not include frat parties, strip joints, and most clubs. Try volunteering. Hot, intelligent girls love to volunteer.]

Dear Miss Demeanor,The guy I am in love with and want to be with is too busy to be in a relationship. He’s a full-time student and he works full-time, so he rarely catches a break. I know he loves and cares deeply for me, but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship because he feels he can’t be a good boyfriend to me right now, which I completely understand. Should I stick around anyway until he’s ready? – Torn

Dear Torn,Move on. Even if what you say is true, that he really loves you and cares deeply for you, there is no use wasting your time. If his schedule loosens up in the future and you both want to give it a shot, by all means, go for it. But if something else comes along in the meantime, don’t pass it up because you think he might come around. I can’t help but notice that something is wrong with this picture, though. He may truly care for you, but if he absolutely cannot squeeze you in, there’s likely a reason for that. And it may not be that he’s too busy. It’s quite possible that you just don’t motivate him. (i.e. he isn’t attracted to you in the same way, or he may not see there being much of a future.) Guys are simple creatures; natural-born hunters. They go for what they want, and even the most docile don’t stop until they get it. Your best bet is to get your mind off him by filling your free time with activities that you love. Who knows? Maybe once he sees how much fun you’re having, he’ll realize what he’s missing out on and suddenly have an opening or two in his blackberry for you. [Caveat: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT have a carnal relationship with him in the hopes that it will entice him to be with you. You will only get hurt. And possibly an STD.]