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Every classroom is governed by a set of subtle etiquette rules, and every student can find him or herself stretching the boundaries on occasion. Whether it’s eating an egg sandwich, engaging in vigorous text-messaging or simply using class as an opportunity to hear oneself talk, testing the patience of fellow classmates is part of what college is all about.

The students polled in this survey showed little remorse for their own bad manners, while exercising strict judgment over others’ wrongdoing. Most admitted to being guilty of more than one of the options offered in the poll. Other pet-peeves mentioned by students include sniffling, shedding hair, fidgeting and disrespecting the professor.

In a sample of fifteen professors polled, over 80% replied that they despise when students text during class. Unfortunately for professors, the results clearly indicate that cell phones are a mighty presence, and that to some, texting is a priority equivalent to breathing.

Hey, no one said being a professor was going to be easy.

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Shira Kaminsky served as the following positions for The Mass Media the following years Editor-in-Chief: Spring 2012; 2012-2013 Managing Editor: Fall 2011 Arts Editor: Fall 2010