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11/27/23 pdf
November 27, 2023

Deadpool Is Back!

Everyone is still mega stoked after the latest X-Men film, “Logan,” and is still grabbing tissues and praising Hugh Jackman for his stellar performance as Logan, otherwise known as Wolverine. However, there is still the small portion of people (including me) that are happy, surprised, and somewhat impressed by a certain mutant, and how he decide to take center stage and is already snatching the light from his dear partner–in–crime.

Ryan Reynolds is back in his red super suit, and has returned to kick up his sarcasm up to eleven. The teaser for the new film came right at the end of “Logan,” so not everyone who went to see “Logan” got the preview. But fear not! The great internet came to save the day. The teaser hit the YouTube scene faster than the punchline came during the first 14 seconds.

A “Deadpool” sequel has been set in place since the day the first filmed dropped. The only thing that was up in the air was the director of the sequel after Tim Miller left the project. But the fear of the fans was put to the side once they (we, I should say) saw the morbid sense of humor that has become Deadpool’s signature humor since he first came to the scene during the New Mutant days of the ‘90s. With that in mind, Deadpool’s talent for breaking the fourth wall and “keeping it real” eased the minds of the audience.

Deadpool even took some shots at the “Man of Steel.” The phone booth scene was a kick to the groin for the middle figure of the DC universe. Or, perhaps, it was more like the middle finger to DC, as it poked fun at their lack of funny characters. Or maybe it was more a jab at the major flops that were clouding around Warner Brothers (with the last couple of misfires in the box office, they should be glad that they even got noticed). Along with that, the teaser took another shot at “Logan.” Or maybe it was a shot at Jackman (it’s Deadpool, it could be either one of them).

With all this in mind, the fact still remains, Deadpool is back in action and he’s ready to bring down the house, taking no prisoners with him besides the poor souls that are stuck by his side. But there are still some questions that have been raised by the Marvel universe, and by the mega fans (and by fans, I mean me). What will be the plot? Will we get to know more about Deadpool? Will Hit Monkey, the most dangerous hit man of all time, Deadpool’s worse arch enemy, and most importantly an actual monkey, be in this film?

But the biggest question that is on our minds is who will play Wade’s dear time traveling friend, Cable? Some say it could be WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Edge, or it could be that buff old blind guy from “Don’t Breath,” Stephen Lang, who would be an excellent choice. I think this is the mega huge question, and I’m all for Lang taking the role.
All in all, this is something that has really started to get people hyped. If the movie is going to be anything like the teaser, count me in!