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UMass Student Musician With Multiple EPs Now Takes His Talent to the Stage


Maloney has released multiple EPs and is the music director for UMass Boston’s acapella group.

Michael Maloney, 23, a senior at UMass Boston, has dreams of becoming a musician and is getting his name out there any way he can. Whether performing at farmers’ markets, dive bars, or even retirement homes, Maloney is more than pleased to share his talent with others.

Maloney describes his music as “pop rock.”

“My songs aren’t heavy, and I never have any dark or prophetic messages. They’re ‘up’ pop songs. If I can get people to feel great and be happy, have a good time, maybe tap their toes or dance, then it’s all good, and I couldn’t be happier,” Maloney said.

At the age of eight, Maloney began playing the piano and soon after started singing in the children’s choir at church. Around age 11, he started playing the guitar and songwriting. Over the years, Maloney has dabbled in playing the drums, bass, violin, percussion instruments, and has even given the ukulele a try.

“Piano and voice are my specialties. As far as everything else, I know enough to strum a song,” Maloney said.

Maloney’s knowledge of various instruments, as well as some inspiration from his idol, Paul McCartney, has allowed him to independently work towards his dream.

“Growing up I really looked up to him. Around the time I found out who the Beatles were, Paul McCartney was releasing an album that he did all the instruments on. Then I found out that he’s done three or four other albums all like that, and they’re really good. I thought, why not just do it all myself,” Maloney said.

Maloney does all the vocals and instrumentals on his songs, noting that “this way you really need to be conscious of production.”

With help from his eight-track, he has released multiple EPs—extended plays—including a “Boston EP,” including three songs about the bean, available on Amazon and iTunes. He has also released a full album entitled “First Step,” available in CD form and on iTunes and Amazon.

In the fall of 2011, Maloney wrote three Christmas songs and released, “Maybe This Christmas EP.” He donated all of the proceeds, a total of $1,400, to Boston Children’s Hospital, a place close to his heart after having spent some time there as a child due to a minor hip problem.

Currently, Maloney is making his rounds in the Greater Boston area.

“Over the past year, I’ve played at the P.A.’s Lounge in Somerville, which was sort of my first gig, T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge, and the Midway Café in Jamaica Plain. I really hope to start getting more bar gigs,” Maloney said.

In September, Maloney performed at the Middle East Corner in Cambridge, a popular music venue known for featuring upcoming musicians. He got the gig after the gentleman in charge of booking gigs for the venue saw him performing at a farmer’s market in Medford, his hometown.

“It was really good. The Middle East is sort of the number one place. It’s funny, you never know when opportunity will strike,” Maloney said.

In addition to songwriting and performing, Maloney serves as an accompanist at a church and is the music director for UMass Boston’s acappella group, the Sea Sharps, who have performed at the chancellor’s opening day for the past two years.

Maloney’s devotion to music derives from his belief that “music is a crucial aspect of every culture. It brings the world together, it motivates us, comforts us, inspires us. And it gives those without a voice a way to be heard.”