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Submit a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor allow members of the UMass Boston community to respond to articles published in The Mass Media and decisions made by the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. Before you submit a letter to the editor, please keep a few things in mind:

– All letters must respond directly to some action taken by The Mass Media. Please do not submit a letter to the editor about issues in the community or issues that are unrelated to The Mass Media. We accept articles of this type at our contributor page.

– Please keep your letter in the 200-500 word range.

– Everything published by The Mass Media, including letters to the editor, must conform to journalistic standards of practice. Any facts or claims you make in your letter must be accurate, and if you are drawing on any information besides personal experiences or anecdotes, you must cite a source. Please include a link to your source.

– Only active members of the UMass Boston community — current students, alumni, faculty and staff — may submit a letter to the editor. If you are otherwise affected by or have a stake in what The Mass Media publishes, you can always contact us.

The Mass Media reserves the right to not publish any letter to the editor if it believes the content is offensive, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise harmful, and to edit every letter for grammar, spelling and clarity. Letters to the editor may not target specific students or faculty, regardless of if that person is involved with The Mass Media.

  • Please specify what article or policy this letter is in response to.
  • All Letters to the Editor must be 200-500 words long. The Mass Media reserves the right to edit all letters submitted for brevity, content and clarity. Any letter that is deemed to be offensive, harmful or potentially libelous will not be published.