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Get creative with the UMass Boston Art Club

Darryn Adams
A student gets creative and relaxes through art in University Hall. Photo by Darryn Adams / Mass Media Staff

When searching for a way to unwind, many students turn to creative endeavors; however, it’s much more fun to engage in these activities with a like-minded community. Unfortunately, many students are discouraged from reaching out to other artists because they feel their skills are not good enough. This is exactly the type of bias that the UMass Boston Art Club is trying to erase. 

The art club exists to be a place of creativity and fun, no matter an artist’s skill level. Students in the club are not expected to engage in formal discussion or critique of specific pieces. Instead, students are encouraged to walk in and have a good time, even without prior experience. 

Neeti Shah, current co-president of the art club and one of the founding board members, believes the art club has many benefits to offer students. “We provide a space for students to do their art, make friends and connect with like-minded individuals,” she says. 

The art club is accessible to artists of all backgrounds and levels. Art supplies are often provided to students, which allows artists to engage with any medium of their choice. The meetings are meant to be more informal and fun, where students can come to relax, eat snacks and hang out with their friends. 

General meetings are held once a week, but the art club is more invested in larger events. One of these events was November’s Asian tote bag painting event, which Shah says was “our biggest event…where people painted over 500 tote bags in the ISC space.” This event was a massive collaboration with a variety of clubs, including the Japanese Language Club, the Korean Student Association and the Asian Student Center.

The art club has expanded to all sorts of mediums, with events surrounding painting, collages, knitting, suncatcher making, DIY projects and nail painting. The biggest event, however, is the art fair, where every member of the art club showcases the work they’ve done through the semester. The art fair, according to Shah, “enables students to showcase their talents and engage with the broader campus community.”

Meetings take place once a week in University Hall, Room 2320, every Monday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Those who are interested in learning more can visit the art club Instagram page or join the Discord server. Even if you have never stopped by before, anyone is welcome to attend. “We welcome all students,” Shah says, “to join us in embracing creativity and building a vibrant artistic community at UMass Boston.”