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November 27, 2023

South End Pita: Must try Mediterranean Cuisine

Colin Tsuboi
South End Pita, known for their pita sandwiches & other Mediterranean staples. Photo by Colin Tsuboi/ Mass Media Staff

One of the best parts about going to college near the city is the endless possibilities to explore new and unique foods from around the world. It can be easy to settle into a routine of going to your favorite old reliable restaurants, especially with the large quantity of chain restaurants near campus. However, going outside of a comfort zone in trying new food may just lead someone to their new go-to spot. On the corner of Union Park and Albany Street in the South End of Boston lies a hidden treasure called South End Pita.

This authentic Mediterranean restaurant serves Moroccan-inspired dishes with influence from Egyptian and Greek cuisine as well. South End Pita prides themselves on their fresh ingredients and made from scratch cooking. South End Pita is only a 15-minute walk from Broadway station for those taking the MBTA or a 15-minute drive from UMass Boston’s campus. There is paid street parking available on Albany Street and Malden Street, but with limited parking spots during the day, the train seems to be the best mode of transportation.

Upon entering South End Pita, one is transported to the beautiful Saharan deserts of Morocco. Detailed, hand-painted artwork can be found along the walls of the establishment picturing romantic scenes of camels trekking across barren deserts, with colorful sunsets of orange, yellow and red.

There are plenty of tables and booths inside to ensure a nice, dine-in experience. A large mural can be found spanning over the front counter that resembles the breathtaking town of Erfoud, Morocco. This artwork elevates the authentic feel inside the restaurant and allows customers to feel immersed in the historic architecture and culture of Morocco.

The kitchen staff is welcoming and friendly, with a fast-casual style service as they prepare fresh food cooked-to-order right behind the counter. With their doors opening at 10 a.m., South End Pita offers an all-day menu, as well as a breakfast menu for early morning customers craving something other than their usual Dunkin’ order. Their doors close at 10 p.m., which is also good for the night owls looking for a late-night bite.

South End Pita has a vast menu featuring Moroccan and Mediterranean-style burgers, over ten different salads, rice bowls, different flavored pita roll-ups, and numerous specialty plates and combo meals. One of their most popular specialty dishes is the Beef and Lamb Gyro Plate, served with a salad, rice and a side of creamy and flavorful homemade tzatziki sauce.

Other specialties include the Special Loubia Plate, which is steamed white beans with rice and a salad, as well as the Special Chopped Chicken Kabob, served with tzatziki sauce, a salad and rice. If you’re unsure of what to try, an easy first order is one of South End Pita’s Chicken Shawarma Pita Roll-ups, filled to the brim with delectable chicken shawarma, pickles, tahini sauce and your choice of additional inclusions such as hot sauce and tzatziki sauce.

South End Pita has an overall 4.3 stars on Google Reviews, with countless customers leaving outstanding reviews on the quality of food, service and fair prices. One Google reviewer, Asha Waterhouse, says that their “Chicken Shish Kabob Combo Plate was worth every penny” (1). Another reviewer, Rakha Wibisana, says that their “Kofka [platter] was very tasty and well-seasoned” (2).

South End Pita is a short walk away from other shops and attractions in the South Boston area such as the SoWa Open Market, Boomerangs thrift shop and the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. For those who are just in the area looking for a quick bite to eat or are on the search for a new favorite lunch spot in the city, stop by South End Pita for a memorable dining experience and delicious Mediterranean food!


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