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Recruitment strategies of UMass Boston coaches: Jake Beverlin

Coach Jake Berlin poses with players. Photo by Smiti Nemane / Mass Media Staff.

Recruitment is an extremely tedious process in the athletic world, and UMass Boston’s Men’s Soccer Head Coach, Jake Beverlin, has a unique way to go about it. He handles the responsibility in stride, and takes great pride in his team.

Beverlin has now been a coach for 15 years, ten of which have been at UMass Boston. He changed the entire trajectory of the program, and the team has flourished under his guidance.

When asked about his expectations from his players, he was very straightforward about what he wanted; he said, “Be on time, don’t be late, [have] discipline and give your all on the field.”

Beverlin may not expect his players to be perfect, but he makes sure they are the best ones out there.

Toby Prabhu, a freshman on the team, said that, “I played for him since I was 8 years old. At 16, he offered me a spot at UMass Boston. He thought that I had the capability to play here. I was given other options, but this felt like the best one.”

Prabhu was a part of the well-known New England Surf soccer club, where he played under Beverlin. Coach Beverlin also happens to be the director of the club, which makes recruitment easier for him, as he tries to get the best of the best.

On the academic front, a player needs to perform well enough to be accepted onto the roster, then maintain a GPA of 2.0 in order to be eligible to play.

Beverlin does let players try out for the team in the spring, but he doesn’t usually keep walk-ons. Prabhu contributed a lot to the team last season, and proved to be one of the diamonds in Beverlin’s dazzling crown.

Senior goalkeeper JJ Devine was also recruited through strong and successful contacts. He was offered a position on the roster when his high school coach recommended Beverlin to Devine and vice versa.

Beverlin has great judgment when it comes to checking his prospective players for skills on the field, and strong character.

The program has completely changed under Beverlin. His recruitment practices played a significant role in making UMass Boston Men’s Soccer a successful NCAA Division III program.

Soccer is extremely taxing on athletes physically, Prabhu noticed during his first season. But Beverlin stepped in and guided him through it. Coach Beverlin is extremely involved with his players, and steps in when necessary both on and off the field.

Beverlin takes care of his players and is there for them when it matters most. He is smart with his recruiting practices, and in turn, his recruits always deliverhis position as the director of NE Surf helps a lot with his recruiting process.

All in all, as hard as recruiting is, when it’s paired with Beverlin’s judgment and his ability to set a motion for his team, he manages to do an astounding job.

Beverlin is the backbone of UMass Boston Men’s Soccer. The players flourish under him, and he holds the team together. He has turned many athletes into productive players, and continues to do so.