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Recruitment strategies of UMass Boston coaches: Hannah Khin

A photo of UMass Boston’s Women’s Lacrosse Coach Hannah Khin. Graphic provided by Beacons Athletics.

Women’s Lacrosse is a new program in the UMass Boston’s athletic department. From playing their first-ever season against seasoned opponents to making history with a win, the team has tested waters under the leadership of Head Coach, Hannah Khin.

Khin has been a coach for ten years, and she is extremely clear with what she expects from her players. In an interview with Khin, she stated her expectations from the team. 

Academics plays a huge role in the process. Khin looks for players who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. She wants athletes who are not just competitive on the field, but ones who also prioritize their academic career.  

 “We usually look for kids who can easily balance academics and athletics. The biggest difference from high school to college is that you have a lot more free time, but it’s a bigger commitment. Just being able to kind of be more organized and on top things. On the field, people are more competitive, and for this program specifically, they want to make an impact immediately.” 

The team was really fresh, as they depended greatly on athletes who were already a part of the UMass Boston athletic or non-athletic community, bringing very few players straight from high school. A lot of those players had lost touch with the sport, and Khin had to start anew with them. It proved to be efficient, as the players were already familiar with the requirement of UMass Boston on both the athletic and academic front.

When talking about her experience navigating a new program with a new team, she said, “It was definitely not easy. When we first started in the fall, the players could barely catch and throw the ball. We have definitely come a long way; now we get through drills pretty easily. The team definitely has a lot of potential, and we can see the program going somewhere in the long run”.  

Throughout the interview, Khin kept emphasizing the importance of academics and how her players should not just know how to compete on the field, but also in the classroom. Lacrosse is a big commitment, but academics should always be on the forefront.  

Recruiting is an extremely tedious process, and it becomes even more challenging when there is no precedent as an example. However, Hannah Khin gracefully shouldered the responsibility of building a team from the ground up. The recruitment for this season was done mostly by the Athletic Director, but Khin was present throughout the process.      

Women’s lacrosse is a growing program and has a lot of potential. With the right group of players, it can really take off. With the sport being in its inaugural season, it shows why recruitment plays such an important role in the athletic world.