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Softball continues strong as season’s end approaches

UMass Boston Softball players gear up at a recent game. Photo provided by Beacons Athletics.

The UMass Boston Softball Team’s regular season is coming to a close, and according to Beacons Athletics, it has been quite a success. In what has been a tough conference this season, according to Littleeast.com, the Beacons have consistently been competing for the top spot, and will finish their season as one of the top teams in the conference.

Recently, the Beacons squared up for four games against two opponents, one of which was their last Little East Conference opponent, the University of Southern Maine. However, before that, they first faced off against Framingham State at home.

The action kicked off quickly in game one of the doubleheader against the Rams. The Rams threw together three quick runs to start the game. The Beacons, however, would do the same. Hayley Krockta’s double and Kaitlyn Sawyer’s single would total three runs of their own, tying the game up 3–3 after one inning.

A Rams homer would kick off inning two, allowing them to take a two-run lead. A Krockta sacrifice fly would drive in Gracie Granger in the second half of the inning, but the Beacons were still down a run.

It wasn’t until the last inning of play that the Beacons overcame the deficit. Krockta would reach first on an error, opening the doors for Sofie Richland to reach home and tie the game. Shortly after, another error allowed Krockta to make her way back home, walking it off for the Beacons in an exciting 6–5 victory.

This thrilling victory allowed them to carry the momentum over to game two, where their first run would come the same way the last game ended—a Rams error. Ella Delisle was able to reach third, and Lauren Miner scored. A ground out from Lauryn Bethea would then drive Delisle in and the Beacons were up two, after two.

Singles from Granger and Richland in the fourth would top off the scoring for the game, and the Beacons secured a 4–0 victory to complete the sweep. These victories were sweet, but the Huskies were waiting for them up North just a few days later.

The Beacons had their way with the Huskies in game one. Bri Melchionda would only give up two hits in her five innings on the mound, whereas the Beacons’ offense would record an astounding sixteen. Richland in particular went four for four at the platea stellar performance from her. The Beacons would crush the Huskies 15–0, their eleventh shutout of the season and largest margin of victory all year.

The Huskies, although down, were not out of this doubleheader. They would start their rotation off immediately grabbing a 2–0 lead. In the fourth though, the Beacons would rally for four runs, two from a Krockta double and two from a Huskies error. The Huskies would respond with two of their own though, and the game was tied at 4–4.

In the final inning, the Huskies were able to stun the Beacons with a walk-off home run, revenge for their game-one embarrassment. It was a brutal 5–4 loss for the Beacons, their tenth on the season, but their play has still been incredibly strong. 

With the tournament around the corner, soon the Beacons will know where they stand; but no matter where that is, they’ve proven they can perform at high levels, and plan to do so going forward.

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