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Olivia Reid
Graduating Editor-in-Chief Katrina Sanville poses for a photo in the Campus Center. Photo by Olivia Reid / Photography Editor

Katrina Sanville – Editor-in-Chief 

Currently, I am Editor-in-Chief, and have been since my junior year. Before that, I was arts editor in my sophomore year and an arts writer my freshman year. I’m an English major and Classical Studies minor; I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve found that journalism has been a great way to keep me writing regularly.  

I chose to pursue my interest in journalism—an interest that came in large part from a class I took in high school—when I saw the impact that The Mass Media had on the community and the change our publication could bring about. I look back most fondly on our collaborative efforts, from the College Media Association workshops to the speaker series. 

Thank you to the amazing Mass Media staff, the CLA First! team, and Hayley Bartlett and Bridget McColgan for all the support you’ve had and effort you’ve put into me and The Mass Media. And finally, to The Mass Media’s advisor, Chuck Henriques: Thank you for being a near-endless fountain of knowledge about all things UMass Boston, as well as being the first point of contact in the case of any crises.

After UMass Boston, I’m headed to Syracuse University to get my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, in hopes of becoming a school or public librarian. I know that I’m ready to take whatever life throws at me in stride, and hope to put forth the best person I can into the world. 


Skylar Bowman – Managing Editor 

I’m from Barnstable, Mass., so I was drawn to UMass Boston because of its location on the water; salty air is home to me. I was undecided for a majority of my time here, but I took classes that I knew I’d thrive in—mostly English and classics courses—which set me up nicely when I finally decided to major in English and double minor in classics and communication.

I am the current managing editor, and I’ve held this position for two years. I started as the production editor, and I held that position for one year. My interest in journalism started in high school when I was the production manager for my high school paper, Insight.

I have to thank my journalism teacher from high school, Ms. Netto. Without her guidance, I would have never felt confident enough to join The Mass Media, and I therefore would not be in the position I am today. I also have to thank my dog, Koda. I could not face this world without him, and he is the light of my life.  

As I go, I have some advice for prospective journalists: read, read, read. Read a plethora of professional journalism, and from our peer universities’ as well. This will not only inspire growth and ideas, but it will help deepen your understanding of life. Additionally, take breaks, make room for joy, practice empathy and rescue an animal if you can—it does wonders for stress. 

I have a plan for the next six months of my life, but after that I’m letting the wind take me. This summer will be my eighth year working at a summer camp on the Cape—the best job I’ve ever had. Next fall, I’m moving out West with my two best friends. I’m not sure what job I’ll find out there, but I’d love to secure one in editing—the original reason I was interested in The Mass Media—and find my way from there. 


Joe DiPersio – Humor Editor 

When a comic I wrote for my fourth-grade newspaper got censored, I vowed to never work for a paper again. So naturally, when my friend Kyle asked me a couple of years back if I’d be interested in doing humor for The Mass Media, I made a brash, split-second decision to take the job.

Through my time as humor editor, I’ve written some funny articles, met some cool people, been swindled by a monk in Central Park and genuinely believe I’ve doubled my writing powers—although, as mathematicians would point out, zero times two is still zero. But what those big, brainy boys don’t realize is that if you have enough zeros, stick them in a can, and slather them with tomato sauce, you got yourself some Spaghetti-Os.  

As for my future? I’ll be squirming. A little of this, and a little of that. Here, there and nowhere good. A vagabond? A recluse? A hermit? I’m full of potential! If you’re unlucky, you may just bump into me out there, climbing a mountain, hosting a picnic in a graveyard or rambling on about an obnoxious wooden boy and his alcoholic father. Thanks for tolerating me. 


Bianca Oppedisano – Illustrator 

I’m from Somerville, Mass., and my major is Environmental Science. I have been an illustrator for The Mass Media for three years. When I joined, I wanted to be able to share and pursue my background in art, and was able to accomplish that by working for The Mass Media. Being able to work at a job that intertwined with my passions was so amazing, and it has been such a great experience. After graduating, I hope to still be able to incorporate my passion for art with my love for environmental science. 

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