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The Mass Media is UMass Boston’s only independent, student-run newspaper. We are dedicated to producing and publishing a paper that is void of errors, inaccuracies, bias, libel, carelessness and distortion. To ensure that we produce a reliable, relevant and factual paper every week, The Mass Media employs a team of student writers, photographers and editors who are talented in art, journalism, design, production, photography, editing, business, advertising, web authoring, broadcasting and more. Our newspapers are written with the highest standard and effort put into them, and we pride ourselves on being the voice of UMass Boston.

We are completely editorially independent — that means no member of the university, including any professor or administrator, can influence what The Mass Media does or does not publish. We believe that an independent, robust student press is a basic right in a free and democratic society, and is necessary for full and vigorous freedom of expression, as well as the proper development of students into socially responsible journalists and individuals. We also believe such a student press serves the campus community best.

Every other week, we publish a print edition which is available on stands across campus. On weeks we don’t publish a physical paper, we still publish here on our website, as well as to our social media accounts. The Mass Media Production Team also selects some stories to be featured in our weekly newsletter, including articles written both by paid staff and contributors from the UMass Boston community.

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