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Doja paints the town red on her Boston stop on her Scarlet Tour

Doja Cat’s Scarlet tour in Boston, MA.
Doja Cat on the Scarlet Tour. Photo by Theo Wargo.

The 28-year-old rapper and singer Doja Cat, who back in 2018 went viral on social media for her song “Mooo!”. She went on to release much more music and now returns to Boston after the release of her most recent album Scarlet.  Doja Cat’s Scarlet tour took place at TD Garden December 2, 2023. Doja Cat had guest Ice Spice on her tour as the opener the entirety of the tour.


The show kicked off at 7:50 p.m. when Ice Spice took the stage. Ice Spice came out very energetic, getting the audience pumped up. Ice Spice who is more recently known for her collaborations on songs such as “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” featuring PinkPantheress, “Karma” with Taylor Swift, and “Barbie World” with Nicki Minaj and Aqua as well as being featured with other artists. She also has many well known songs such as “Munch” which went viral on TikTok. The audience was filled with fans in wigs excited to sing along to her songs. She came out with backup dancers who helped keep the energy high. She was sure to get fans excited for Doja Cat to take over the stage. 


Doja Cat came out with an intro like no other. She had a lot of flashing lights that took over the Garden. Doja Cat appeared on the stage in an all red sheet as the lights shifted to red or scarlet as well. The stage opened up and she walked across the stage and fell into the opening as it went completely dark. 


Moments later she started to sing “WYM Freestyle” as the lights turned on and she emerged from the stage. She came out wearing sunglasses, as well as with her microphone that was held by chains.  The energy in the Garden was like no other, everyone was jumping and yelling so excited to be there. On her tour her show was set up in acts, which was very cool to see. 


Shifting to the more visual side of things, She had a lot of visuals that were of religious reference, darkness, and  angels. There was a lot of red lighting as well as pyrotechnics such as  fireworks, fire and smoke. She really matched the theme of the album with a massive spider on stage for her song “Demons.” Throughout the entirety of the show you can see she had put so much effort into the visuals of the show that allowed every part of her audience to enjoy it no matter where you were in the Garden. 


Doja performed stuff from her current release of “Scarlet” as well as older stuff. She was sure to include one of her fan favorites from new album “Agora Hills.” During the song, “Kiss Me More,” from the album “Planet Her,” she had a kiss cam, which was a highlight of the night for some fans.  “Say So,” another one of her popular songs, was performed but with a little twist as the music was a different beat than how it is normally performed. 


Overall the show was one not to miss. The whole production was so good and you can really tell she puts 100% into the performance. She did a fantastic job making the experience one fans will not forget.


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