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Statements from Student Body President and Vice-President Candidates


Hometown: Taunton, Massachusetts

Major: Political Science

Current Position: UMass Boston Student Trustee

How to Vote

To find out more about the candidates, come to the UMass Boston Presidential and Trustee debate April 26 from 12 to 2 p.m. To cast your vote, go to www.clubs.umb.edu. Voting begins at 8:30 a.m. on April 1 and concludes on April 4.

Victor Ukatu and Evans Asumadu

Victor brings to the table experience that no other candidate has, he was vice-president, then president at Massasoit Community College.

As student body president, my goal will be getting more students to participate in activities on campus. I believe that if we want to see changes like fee cuts and parking-fee reforms, we have to get every student involved.

The first step is to create an UMass Boston TV System, which will broadcast information about student-run social programs.

Second, we have what we are calling the Noon Initiative, where we will push for limited or no classes at noon one day a week, giving the hour to clubs to promote and host activities. The Noon Initiative will help create a stronger community.

Third, we have the Presidential Council Committee (PCC), which will be an advisory group made up of club presidents. The PCC will help the executive branch learn what problems the clubs are facing and the steps must be taken to address their concerns.

Lastly, we will create the position of club coordinator. The club coordinator will act as a liaison between the clubs and the president and set up the agenda for the PCC meetings.

Alexis Marvel and Kayla Worthey

When it comes to fighting for the rights and needs of our student body, there is no clearer choice. As your current student trustee and student body vice president, we have the passion, experience and track record to affect real change within our university.

We believe that education should be affordable and accessible to all who seize the opportunity to learn here. We believe that the voices of students should always be heard, and we believe must help unify and empower our student community.

Whether or not we are elected, we have a plan of action: the creation of a student union with a wide representation of students who will work to address student issues together, a continuation of our work to pass the Student Trustee Voting Rights bill by garnering the support of students at all UMass campuses, and a continuation of our advocacy work at the Massachusetts State House to increase funding for public higher education in the Commonwealth.

Choose fee freezes, an empowered student body and an administration held accountable. Choose Alexis and Kayla for student body president and vice president. It would be an honor to have your vote.

Chris MacRae and Jared Ward

“Innovative” only begins to scratch the surface when describing the MacRae/Ward ticket. This pair brings to the table two completely different walks of UMass undergraduate life. Chris has semesters of experience as a senator with the USG, works as a Beacon ambassador for admissions, has been involved in multiple student organizations and was recently awarded the Michael Ventresca ’69 Student Leadership Award. Jared works for the head staff of new student programs, worked as an orientation leader, hosted a broadcast on WUMB and founded an award-winning organization. Between Chris’ knowledge of the inner workings of student government, and Jared’s experience with student organization leadership, these two create a package deal incomparable to any the USG has seen before. Chris and Jared are for the students. They want nothing more than to improve student life, put an end to fee increases and solve the many pressing issues that concern our beautifully diverse undergraduate population. Together with Chris and Jared, we can revolutionize campus life, unite our student body with the campus community, solidify our future growth and embrace all that UMass Boston has to offer.

Ignacio Chaparro/David Manning

Bringing UMass Boston into a new era, we will communicate with students and administration to ensure that our university remains and continues to be student-centered. Our course of action will include establishing a directive with a center task force that addresses the structural and financial needs of our student centers and organizations. As students, we deserve the opportunity to capitalize on the unique experience that we are provided here in a public institution. With your support, we can ensure that your voices are not only being heard, but turned into actions that are being displayed on campus.