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LMAO 2.0 Entertains with Stand Up, Improvisation, Skits, Singing, and Videos


Junior Cius (back left) Felipe Reyes (back right) Jovan Toussant (front left) and Chris Lomax (front right) perform in an improv game.



The Black Student Center (BSC) hosted the LMAO 2.0 comedy show in the Snowden Auditorium on Thursday March 7 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event consisted of many acts and was well-attended.

LMAO 2.0, which was hosted by Patrick O’Brien and Christopher Lomax, opened up with a video that introduced the various comedians who showed off their talents through stand up, improvisation, skits, singing, and videos. Additionally, audience members were brought up on stage to be included in the acts.

One of the acts, Woo Her, involved bringing up a girl from the audience, and having two of the comedians attempt to gain her favor by using adjectives provided by the audience.

One of the comedians asked the audience, “Please finish this phrase: ‘Your feet are so…’” to which an audience member excitedly yelled, “Waffles!” The improvers then tried to woo the girl by telling her how much they liked her waffle feet.

Another act involved the various comedians coming up on stage and doing the Harlem Shake dance.

Pizza, snacks, and other refreshments were served during intermission, and music was played so the audience could dance.

Throughout the night, improvisation included various characters, such as a white supremacist, a stripper, and a beekeeper. One of the most popular acts was sexy daddy, played by Jovan Toussaint, who was constantly being called by his many pregnant girlfriends.