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First Round Playoff Preview

We have finally reached the beginning of the NBA Playoffs. I know you have all been waiting for this moment since October. All the barbershop talk, random arguments with friends, and viewing of ESPN First Take will actually mean something. This is where the drama begins. Ladies, this is our live soap opera for the next month and a half, please bear with us. Everyone take a seat, as I am about to go where few will actually go and predict the 1st round match-up winners and losers. (Warning: Some feelings maybe hurt)

Let’s head over to the East first, simply because they have only one true foreseeable champion among them.

#1 Heat V. #8 Bucks – I am going out on a limb and stating it here first. This will be a sweep for the Heat. The Bucks are no match whatsoever when it comes to the Heat, they will honestly be lucky to get one win in this matchup…I’m just being honest.

#2 Knicks V. #7 Celtics – Alright, this is a bit harder to decide for many reasons. One, most of you are from Boston. Two, I’m from New York. Three, Melo hasn’t been able to make it out the 1st round, and Four, the Celtics aren’t 100%. I’m just going to say it, Knicks win in 6. I don’t see Melo missing his opportunity of seeing the 2nd round. I mean he just got his first scoring title, that’s special.

#3 Pacers V. #6 Hawks – I have no real decisive choice in this match-up, it’s honestly a toss-up between the two. I’m going to say the Pacers win in 6, only because they have strong play that will eventually tire out the less prolific Hawks.

#4 Brooklyn V. #5 Chicago – As much as I would love to sit back and say that Shawn Carter’s (Jay-Z) Brooklyn team will defeat Chicago with no issues, I would be lying to all of you. Chicago will most likely win this matchup in 5. The only way I see Brooklyn winning is if Derrick Rose comes back. Yes, if Rose comes back he will ruin everything for the Bulls. They’ve done well without him, implicating him will ruin the whole shebang in my opinion.

Moving on to the Wild Wild West, NBA fans are going to see a lot of drama unfold in the 1st round.

#1 Thunder V. #8 Rockets – Now if you love the game, and enjoy good teams, you know all about OKC. You know that they made an astonishing trade of their sixth man, James Harden to the Rockets before the beginning of the season. Now James Harden has the opportunity to show the Thunder what they gave up and are now missing. Meanwhile, Durant has to put his friendship aside and show Harden the business. I say OKC wins in 6, maybe 5 if Jeremy Lin has stage fright.

#2 Spurs V. #7 Lakers – I know you’re excited about this, Lakers actually made the playoffs and it isn’t last seed! Kobe maybe out, but “Superman” is in Purple and Gold ready to save the day. I mean, how much more drama could you ask for?!  Spurs are banged up left and right. Though Spurs may be favored, I’m going with the Lakers taking this one in 6.

#3 Denver V. #6 Warriors – Keep it real with you, I don’t care much for this matchup. I just know that Coach George Karl is going to the 2nd round, unless the Warriors make a lot more 3-pointers than expected. The young Denver Nuggets will take this series in 5.

#4 Clippers V. #5 Grizzles – This is a rematch of last year’s 1st round, where the Clippers found a way to come out on top, but lose later. I honestly see the same thing happening again. Clippers now have extra offensive weapons, but the Grizzles defense should make it interesting. This match up will go 7 games in favor of the Clippers.