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The Rowe Show at the Harbor Gallery

Students admire “The Rowe Show” in the Harbor Art Gallery

Last week, the Harbor Art Gallery held a reception to introduce its newest exhibit, “The Rowe Show: A Lifetime Collection of 19th Century American Paintings.” The exhibit will be available to the public until Oct. 28.

The Rowe family has decided to share a small portion of Willie Reed Rowe’s collection with the University of Massachusetts Boston, including three of Rowe’s personal works of art. These hang together on one side of the gallery. Admirers might even recognize one of the portraits of a Boston church.

There is a familiar aspect of American culture radiating from each portrait. Most are from unknown artists, but the subjects of these paintings are easy to read — in fact, they speak for themselves.

The exhibit features charming self-portraits of various women, those of young girls surrounded by picturesque nature, and architectural landscapes that completely embody the American style.

At first glance, the portraits can seem quite dull, but they work for this particular collection. The beauty of these paintings lies within their simplicity.

Patrons will find themselves studying the faces in these portraits: the lines between the women’s eyes, the curve of their smiles, and the existence of the subjects. Everyone will find something to study and take with them.