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Study Abroad Photo Contest photos on display Sept. 23 in Campus Center


The “China Today” program will return in summer of 2014.

Summer classes may be over, but for those who participated in the College of Advancing and Professional Studies study-abroad programs, the adventure continues. This summer, a select few UMass Boston students grasped at the opportunity to broaden their horizons and study at universities all over the world, via programs in Belize, China, Italy, England, Haiti, the Caribbean, Australia, Iceland, and Spain.

Even though each program only accepted a certain number of students, the entire student body will have the opportunity to see the world through the lens of those accepted Sept. 23 through Sept. 27. The CAPS Study Abroad Photo Contest will display the photographs on the Campus Center Terrace on the first floor, and students will vote for their favorites. 

A photo taken by Arthur Stadnik, a student from the “Theatre in London” program, depicts a group of students striking their most theatrical pose in front of Sir Laurence Olivier’s statue of Hamlet, and a photo taken by Odeh Kraskian from the “Food and Culture” course offered in Italy encapsulates centuries-old Italian traditions by documenting the entire class sitting down for a family-style dinner. Each image is authentic and original, and each image captures a defining moment during the course.

The photo contest was open for all students who studied abroad this summer and documented it through their own personal photography. Students could submit photos in each of the following categories: Group Fun, Culture, Customs, Traditions, History, Beauty of Nature, and Wildcard. A panel of judges narrowed the numerous photos that were submitted down to the select few that are to be displayed in the round.

Each photo will have a code that viewers can text to CAPS to vote it. Students may also login to Facebook and start voting today. The photos are all uploaded to the UMass Boston Facebook page, and the voting has already begun.

Each “like” counts as a vote, and some photos already have close to a hundred votes. Once the photos are on display, the interactive voting will continue via Facebook and text message. The grand prize winner will have their photo displayed on the CAPS webpage and in the Mass Media, as well as receive a $100 Amazon gift card. 

Nothing makes Jennifer Goode-Sollis, the program assistant for International and ESL Programs through CAPS, happier than knowing that the contest has already gotten the attention of hundreds of students. She hopes students will take a break from their busy days and really take look at the wide variety of international programs UMass has to offer. More than that, she hopes students apply to these programs themselves.

“Only 1 percent of all students nationwide study abroad,” Jennifer says, “And we want to change that, as the majority of the students who do study abroad describe their experience as life changing.” And what better way to advertise these wonderful opportunities than to visually show the student body the array of courses?

Jennifer explains that while most traditional classes end once the semester is over, she hopes that the study abroad experiences will “continue and be a part of everyday life.” Jennifer, along with the entire CAPS department and the students who were able to study abroad through the program, are excited to share their experiences with the public, and hope to encourage others to apply next year.

Stop by the Campus Center to explore the world through the students’ photographs, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites.