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Places to Cry on Campus

Ah, the end of the semester is in sight and finals are nigh upon us! Trust me, you are not the only one stressing out about finals. If you feel that your stress is something you can’t control, by all means talk to someone — be it your professor or a friend or even someone within Health Services.  

But maybe you just want to find a place on campus where you can cry for a little while, get some of that emotional stress out of your system, and then feel better and get on with what you have to do. So, without further ado, here is my guide to good places on campus to cry:

Behind Snowden Auditorium in Wheatley

By tacit agreement, this is a reliably quiet place on campus. Whether you want to weep quietly or sob in great heavy breaths, you can be assured that no one will give you dirty looks. Sink yourself into the comfy, single-person sofas, or sequester yourself in one of the stalls in the bathroom on the second level.

Campus Center staircase pointed towards the track

This staircase is infrequently used due to its location, which makes it a prime spot to cry in relative privacy. Also, this staircase is carpeted, which makes for a slightly more comfortable landing if you can’t stand to stand while your eyeballs leak.

11th floor of Healey

It is a long way to trek, but of these three locations, this one offers the highest likelihood of privacy. Barring any events that might be scheduled here, this space is deserted. You have the option of crying while looking out at the Boston skyline or within one of the cleanest bathrooms the campus has to offer.

Again, if you feel that you are under extreme mental or emotional duress, check out Health Services at www.umb.edu/healthservices. But if you’re looking for a space on campus where you can just release some stress by crying between classes or before you go home and face a pile of work, one of these places should do the trick.

Is there another good place on campus that I neglected on this list? Seeking advice on any other matters? Ask me questions at ask.fm/MsMedia or check out my Facebook page: facebook.com/msmedia.