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Police Blotter 11/02/2014-11/16/2014


11:01 am A female party from the General Academic Building #1 jobsite called Public Safety to report that a male party had collapsed on site. Male party was in severe pain. An ambulance transported the male to an area hospital.


7:22 am Public Safety received a call from the Campus Center about a male party who was described to be a middle-aged Latino who was in the back of a shuttle bus and was refusing to leave the bus. The driver attempted to talk to the male, but the male refused to respond and was being uncooperative. The MBTA Transit Police was called to provide assistance. UMass Public Safety officers were able to get the male off the bus and cancelled Transit Police assistance. Party was going to be transported to JFK/UMass Station, but the party who was a white male in black clothing and was carrying an orange backpack decided to walk next to the water. The male appeared to be homeless. Officers waited at the Campus Center to check to see if the male would come back.

9:46 am A party called to report that a vehicle door had been left open at the Campus Center. The caller’s seat belt was stuck in the door. Officers secured the car’s door.

1:38 pm A female party came to the Public Safety office to report that a male party had been swearing at her while she was walking to her car the night before.


7:02 am A UMass student came to the Public Safety office to report that a suspicious male on a shuttle bus to the Campus Center who was described as having three backpacks, who smelled of urine, and was wearing a helmet. The student stated that the male had kept to himself and was not bothersome. Officers searched the Campus Center area and found the male. Upon investigation, officers found that the male was a UMass student who was wearing the helmet because of a medical issue.

10:53 am A UMass professor called Public Safety about an email received from a student’s brother about attending his brother’s class for the day. The professor wanted an officer’s opinion regarding the history.

1:11 pm Officers were called to the Campus Center after there was an odor on the 2nd floor hallway facing out onto the plaza. Officers checked the area and found that it was coming from the baseboard heater which had just been turned on.


10:07 am Parking and Transportation came to the Public Safety office to request a money escort of six bags to the lots.

10:34 am Parking and Transportation called Public Safety office to request a money escort of two bags to Bayside Parking Lot.

12:49 pm A female party called Public Safety to get assistance to find her husband who was in Wheatley Hall to inform him of a family emergency.

1:34 pm A party called Public Safety from the Beacons Lot to report what sounded like a dog that was stuck in the trunk of a black Audi. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle’s owner and unlocked the car using tools and found a puppy stuck under a seat. The puppy was taken back to the station and Boston Animal Control was contacted. The owner of the puppy came to the station and Animal Control was cancelled. The puppy was returned to the owner and the owner was notified of an upcoming summons.


12:01 pm A male party came into the Public Safety office to report that he had spoken to a male at the Campus Center who stated that “there was going to be a lot of bloodshed at the Veteran’s Parade.” The male in question was could not be identified.

12:45 pm A party came to the Public Safety to report that there was a broken door lock in the kitchen on the Lower Level of the Campus Center. It appeared there was a case of an attempted breaking and entering.

2:10 pm Massachusetts State Police contacted UMass Public Safety via radio to report that four to five Hispanic males were trying to throw each other into the water. Officers spoke to the Trooper on scene and were told that the male parties were playing around.


4:59 pm Officers talked to a female party who believed that her Jeep Cherokee had been broken into in the Campus Center Lower Level Garage.


12:57 am Public Safety received a call from Bank of America who requested that an officer check the ATM after they had had an alarm go off. Officers checked the area for smoke and unsecured doors, and it reported back that the ATM appeared to be off. Officers spoke with cleaners and the cleaners stated that no one had been in the area. The ATM did not appear to be tampered with. Officers completed searching the building and everything appeared to be in order
11:29 am Officers helped Parking and Transportation after they received counterfeit money. The head of Parking and Transportation was not at the office and would contact Public Safety upon his return.

12:47 pm A female party came to the Public Safety office to report that she had lost an envelope that contained cards and identification in the Upper Level of the Healey Library.

1:49 pm A party called to report that there was a suspicious package in the Campus Center elevator that was wrapped in yellow fabric. Officers checked the elevator and found it was a cloth from a cleaner.

4:39 pm University Health Services contacted to report that a 22-year old female had a speech impairment and was feeling dizzy. Boston EMS was called and the female was transported to an area hospital.

6:36 pm Public Safety received a call for a verbal dispute between two groups who were making racist remarks. Officers spoke to the groups and the parties left in different directions.


4:52 am Public Safety received a call from Bank of America about an ATM that had a heat vibration alarm going off in McCormack Hall.  Bank of America asked if officers could check for smoke, burn marks, or tampering. Upon investigation the ATM read out of service and had no signs of smoke or tampering.

12:41 pm A female party came to Public Safety to report that her MacBook Pro laptop had been stolen. The party stated that she had gone to the printer and had returned and the computer was gone. The party said that she had not seen anyone in the area.
6:23 pm The Campus Center Information Desk called to report that there was a male party standing in front of a mirror in the men’s bathroom with his eyes closed and was standing perfectly still. Officers looked in the bathroom and did not find anyone.


2:29 pm A party came to report a case of credit card fraud.

8:26 pm Massachusetts State Police called Public Safety to report that a female party had called about a male party who needed medical assistance in McCormack Hall. Boston EMS gave Public Safety a description of the male. Public Safety was informed that the party may have been heading to JFK/UMass Station. Officers found the male, and Public Safety was told that it appeared that the party had self inflicted wounds near his private areas. Boston EMS responded to JFK/UMass Station. Boston EMS transported the male party to an area hospital. Public Safety took the female to the area hospital and the female told Public Safety that she would be staying with the male. The male later came back to the Public Safety to retrieve his backpack.