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Matthew Connor holds CD release party in Boston

Matthew Connors new album Farewell Motel is in stores now
Matthew Connor’s new album ‘Farewell Motel’ is in stores now

Matthew Connor is the kind of musician Frank Sinatra might share a cigar with by the fire on one of these increasingly cool fall evenings. His baritone vocals carry his audiences to a different time in the music industry — a time before auto-tune — and when it really was all about the music. His music invokes a traditional and classic sense, to get as close to travelling through time as is currently possible.

Before going back too far in time to the era of inspiration, it is important to look at a young Matthew Connor who could write music before he could even write the alphabet. Connor learned how to play piano before he could talk — using language to express himself seemed less important than expressing himself through the medium of music. It certainly did not stop at piano, as he would pick up any instrument he could get his hands on.

It was clear music would be more than a hobby, and more like the kind of obsession that is necessary to make a music career into reality. When he was 16-years-old, he put aside his high school studies to place all of his efforts into his music, stating, “I’ve gone through several careers that started with piano. Then I dabbled in opera singing and toured at age 16.” He says it like it’s normal to have accomplished so many various interests before most people have even gotten their first minimum wage job. His decision to leave the practice of opera singing was due to his revelation that his calling was to perform his own music and that is how he ended up in Boston.

Combining all of his natural given talents has led Matthew to his true calling as a musician who just released his first full length album, ”Farewell Motel,” back in October, after two previous successful EPs. The music focuses mainly on his vocal —  it barely needs instrumental to sound beautifully rendered. Matthew has come into his own as a singer, song writer, and producer, because he has done it all. When asked about his free time, it was said that he has time for two things — his music, and watching his favorite TV show, “Supernatural,” once a week. To those who follow the show and are wondering the important question as to whether he is a Sam or Dean person, Matthew commented, “Dean forever. I even named my cat Jensen.”
Matthew Connor’s time and hard work put into his first album has already started paying off. His second single off of the album, “How is July Already Over” has been nominated for Video of the Year by Boston Music Awards. The video features a tale of two lovers told in stop motion picture. The lounge music atmosphere carries the story of a relationship told in compressed time. The video honors the independent style in true fashion, by leaving its meaning up for interpretation. Connor even has his own version of how he believes the love story is perhaps only the haunting memories of a love that has passed that he must get over. Matthew admitted they had a hard time ending the story, but ultimately it ended up being nominated for an award so they must have done something right. Matthew Connor joked about the award, saying with a grin, “Awards are meaningless, but I want it.”