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July 4th in Washington D.C is a big Party


Courtesy of Taylor Montford

Fourth of July in the nation’s capital is one the greatest celebrations one can ever witness.  Thousands of cheerful people took the streets of the District of Columbia yesterday to celebrate it, in style. From New Hampshire Ave. to Pennsylvania, to constitution Ave. American brand red white and blue was omnipresent.

 U.S.A! U.S.A! Chanted a crowd on New Hampshire Ave. It seemed like the U.S. national soccer team was back in the world cup. Fun ambience!

“This is the best fourth of July I have ever been to,” said Alex Oates, who is interning in D.C., from Delaware. “There is such a great sense of patriotism,” he added. Oates further described his July 4th in the nation’s capital as something that he will never forget.

July 4th celebration in D.C is eye-catching. From spectacular fireworks to moving musical performances to family-friendly festivals, everything was amazing, including the weather.

“This is the best weather for this celebration in memory,” said Jackie Benson from News’ 4. It was neither too sunny nor too humid, just perfect.

 “This is marvelous. It feels so great,” said Cameron Mackintosh who travelled from South Africa. “It seems like everyone was waiting for that moment,” he added.

When walking by the White House, on Pennsylvania Ave. tourists and locals fused. With almost everyone with their smartphones in the hands poising to snap photos and selfies.

On Constitution Ave., the celebration was at its peak. The National Mall, the destination of thousands cheerful pedestrians, with Washington DC’s monuments and the U. S. Capitol in the background, along with Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, and East Potomac Park.

My joy was complete when I randomly ran into Elliot Kim, a junior majoring in economics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. “That is not you,” we both screamed happily.

The 4th of July in Washington, DC is among the most attended events of the year. It is a pure joy to witness, with spectacular parade on Constitution Ave., eye-catching display of fireworks over the Washington Monument.