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Police Blotter 8/31/2014-9/7/2014


4:51 pm Public Safety was called to McCormack Hall for a stuck elevator. No parties were found to be trapped.

8:12 pm Public Safety received a call to the Bayside Lot for a group of gang members who were reported to be drinking and smoking. Upon arrival officers found that the group was shooting a music video.


8:21 am Public Safety received a call about a bathroom sink overflowing in one of the men’s bathrooms in the Science Building. Facilities Department was contacted.

9:05 am A male walked into the Public Safety office to fill a complaint about gravel and sand on the road near the Massachusetts State Archives that had caused him to almost wipe out. Public Safety called the Facilities Department and received no answer.

9:08 am A UMass faculty member called Public Safety after receiving a call from a female who was upset about the South Parking Lot being closed. The faculty member told Public Safety that the female started raising her voice and stating that the the reason for the closure of the lot was to abduct her son and that if anything happened she’d come after the school. The female wanted to talk to the Chancellor’s lawyer and when the faculty member put the female on hold, the female hung up.

10:17 am Public Safety and Boston EMS were called to the Beacon Fitness Center. A female party was transported to a local hospital.

10:51 am Public Safety was called to the Bayside Building for a minor fender bender. Papers were exchanged and damage was estimated to be under $1000.

5:59 pm Public Safety was called to JFK/UMass T Station, for a male party who refused to sit down and listen to the bus driver. Additionally the male was talking back to the bus driver. Officers removed the male and he was brought back to Public Safety office and the bail was set. Public Safety called the MBTA Transit Police to inquire if they could bring the male over for lockup. The request was approved and the male was transported to the MBTA Transit Police station for lockup.

11:58 pm Public Safety handled a case of a male party threatening to hurt himself and was vomiting. The male party had a history of drug abuse and attempted suicide. Party was given oxygen and started having side effects. Boston EMS responded to campus and transported the male to a local hospital with a police escort. The male party was given a mental evaluation and was cleared and released.


10:40 am Public Safety was called to the Science Building after a phone call. Public Safety arrived and found that there was a male sitting on the ledge with his legs hanging over the edge.

2:42 pm Public Safety was called to the Bayside Building by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to help with three females who took off with a stolen phone. Officers stopped the females and a Massachusetts State Police Trooper took the report.

4:48 pm A party flagged down the Public Safety to report that there was a possible child left in a car in the Lot A parking lot. Upon arrival, officers discovered that it was a female student studying in her vehicle.


12:45 pm Officers walked into the bookstore to take a report of a stolen backpack containing a cell phone, an MBTA pass, a student ID, and a Massachusetts State ID.

2:17 pm A party walked into the Public Safety to report that their Iphone 5, with a gold case, was missing.

4:02 pm Public Safety was called to the 6th floor of Healey Library for a female party possibly having a seizure. Party was transported by Boston EMS to a local hospital.

5:18 pm Public Safety was called to the bookstore after a panic alarm went off. Officers spoke to the manager and the alarm was an accident.


9:05 am Public Safety had to notify a party after their vehicle was found with damage to the window. The party told Public Safety that the damage had occurred off campus.

3:18 pm The Director of the Harbor Art Gallery came to the Public Safety to report that the ladder had been stolen. The Director had called the Facilities Department to see if they had used it, but they reported that they had not taken it.

7:41 pm Boston Police called Public Safety to report they had received a 911 hang up call and that the address was somewhere on Bianculli Blvd. Public Safety drove up around in the area and found that Boston College High was having a game. Nothing else was found.


2:46 am Public Safety was off at Lot C to help with two female parties, one of whom appeared to be sick. The females refused treatment.

8:56 am Public Safety was called to the Campus Center for a male who was reportedly upset. The caller stated that the male was swearing and appeared to be very upset. The party was found to be using the computers on the plaza level.