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How to layer for the winter like a pro

Jackets make the outfit

It is a truth universally known that style sometimes falls victim to New England’s bitter winter weather. Most people lean towards what’s practical and pile on clashing layers between treading a foot and a half of snow and tiptoeing through patches of black ice. Unless you plan to move to middle-of-nowhere Alaska where fashion is very limited, style does not have to be sacrificed to stay warm. Here are some layering tips on how to look cool while staying warm.

Tip #1: The jacket makes the outfit. It’s the first article of clothing people will see — if not the only — and it should fantastically capture your spectator’s attention. Your jacket should always be parallel to the tone of your outfit. If you are attempting a casual attire, then settle for a casually chic jacket — a parka or a puffer jacket, for example.

If you’re trying for a more classy look, try a pea coat or a long trench. To add a little flair, choose a bold color to really turn heads. If you’re leaning more towards a purposefully scruffy mountain-man chic look, then make like one of our male models and throw on a vintage leather jacket

Tip #2: What is underneath really does matters. The art of layering does not stop at sweaters and tees, but they do mesh together pretty well. Try wearing a fitted tee underneath a loose sweater or button-down. You can make the outfit even more interesting with a graphic tee underneath a button-down shirt.

Try upping the notch by switching a tee to to a collared shirt. If you like what you see, experiment with a mix of different patterns and colors between your tee, collared shirt, and sweater. Want to be a hipster for a day? Then I suggest you throw chambray into the pot — seriously, you can never go wrong with chambray.

Tip #3: Who said accessories are overkill? Finish any outfit by adding accessories and accents — beanies, fedoras, scarves, gloves, tights, socks, and knee-high socks. They all matter. They add warmth, style, and personality to any outfit, completing your thoughtful and strategically picked winter attire. So, don’t be afraid to show off those kitty stockings inside your boots or that hand-knitted scarf you thought wouldn’t match with any outfit. Go for it! Top off all you want.
By this point, you should already have an outfit in mind that will have you layering like a pro that soon you won’t even want to zip-up for too long.