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Ecuador’s Ambassador spoke about the Prometheus Project at UMass Boston


Nathalie Cely Suárez speaking at an UMass Boston’s event hosted by the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development. 

Ecuador’s Ambassador Nathalie Cely Suarez spoke at University of Massachusetts Boston on Nov.18, and she discussed Ecuador’s goal of establishing global competitiveness through education reforms.

“One of the programs that Ecuador has launched is the Prometheus Project,” stated Associate Professor and Director of Vision Studies, Laura Bozeman, in her opening remarks. She explained that the Prometheus Project aims at developing incentive programs to encourage ex-patriots to improve Ecuador’s educational system and recruiting international experts.
Through this project Ecuador is sending their top high school graduates into the world to get the best education. In return, these students have to come back to Ecuador and educate the government, the people, and the newest generation.
“Ecuador wants a new way of doing things to better itself,” said Bozeman, implying that the country wants to be known as more than just a vacation spot but also a place where competition in the education rim is a serious ordeal.

Suarez, who became ambassador after replacing Luis Gallegos in 2012, talked about the vision of Ecuador’s government in the sphere of education. She said that in the Prometheus Project the government sees the need for cross-cultural collaboration to strengthen research, teaching, and knowledge transfer in areas such as life and social sciences, innovation, production, education, arts and culture.
“I am building a knowledge based economy, what we also called a learning society. Over the past eight years we have achieved many successes in this area… but also we face enormous challenges,” said Ambassador Nathalie Suarez. “Eighty-two public schools have been credited as International Baccalaureate schools. For people in my country this was a dream [come true],” she added.

She continued on to say that Ecuador is on the rise for the educational better. Step by step Ecuador is becoming more competitive and one day, as long as the Prometheus Project continues to grow, Ecuador will be one of the top places for education.
The event was hosted by UMass Boston School for Global Inclusion and Social Development.