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More students should get involved on campus

Olivia Reid
The Mass Media office space, suite 3300 in the Campus Center. Photo by Olivia Reid / Mass Media Contributor

Many students at UMass Boston tend to get used to their typical class or work schedule, and never think to get involved on campus. While it is easy to fall into a pattern when you’re on campus, it’s also important to mix it up every once in a while. A great way to get involved on campus is to join a club or organization. UMass Boston has each organization listed on UMBeinvolved.com, so if you’re looking for a way to meet new people on campus who have similar interests to you, check it out. It never hurts to attend one meeting and see what they have to offer. Usually, clubs offer free food and refreshments just for stopping by—and what’s more enticing to a college student?

As a senior who has been involved with only one organization during my four years at UMass Boston, I feel lucky to have been involved with something that made me feel like I had a place that I belonged at on campus. I found community in being a part of The Mass Media, and my only regret is not getting involved in more clubs or organizations on campus. Clubs can offer you free food, free stuff—clothes, water bottles, notebooks, mugs, pens, etc.—and a great social experience. So why don’t more students get involved? I believe it’s because everyone is so fixed on their own path that they do not want to do things beyond their basic classwork and work to pay the bills.

While I can sympathize with students who are working hard to get their degree and don’t have time to get involved on campus, I also think there are a lot of resources that are available through club associations that many students miss out on when they keep to themselves. Through my involvement at The Mass Media, I’ve been able to attend journalism conferences in New York City and Minneapolis, and I’ve gone to countless concerts, sporting and arts events in Boston to write about them for the paper. Overall, I left my house a lot more in comparison to what I would have done if I never got involved with The Mass Media.

If you’re someone who enjoys writing, editing or taking pictures, then you should consider joining The Mass Media. Not only are there paid opportunities, but it is a way to get involved on campus and meet other students who are interested in the same things as you. Students who don’t have the availability to commit fully to The Mass Media are able to contribute as they’d like each week. By contributing, you’re getting involved and becoming a part of the paper while gaining experience for your resume, all in the freedom and leniency of your own time and deadlines. If writing or editing aren’t your things, there are many more organizations beyond The Mass Media such as: Asian Student Center, Beacon Ambassadors, Black Student Center, Chess Club, Cheerleading Club, Christians on Campus and more. If there aren’t any organizations or clubs that currently exist that interest you, you have the option to start your own on campus. With 10 signatures of students who would be interested in joining you, you can build your own club and community at UMass Boston.

Whether you attend one meeting or end up becoming a leader in an organization on campus: the important part is getting involved and trying to be a part of the community on campus. 

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