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Discounts every college student should know about

Olivia Reid
The sales going on at a local grocery store in Boston. Photo by Olivia Reid / Mass Media Contributor

Each year, high school graduates depart school and may choose to go on to their college careers. As they progress from high school to college, they are exposed to new experiences and circumstances that they have never encountered before. Every year, incoming or continuing university students confront a variety of economic difficulties. Household bills, educational fees and personal expenses all add up to a significant sum of money for college students. Education costs vary depending on the university you choose and whether you are eligible for scholarships, but you may want to save money on personal and home expenditures.

Who doesn’t love discounts? Shopping during sales can be beneficial, as you can save money and you can get more for lesswho doesn’t want that deal?  Being a student, our pockets are already filled by paying the other expenses, so we need to keep an eye out for sales discounts or vouchers in order to save a few dollars. If you’re looking for a better bargain than what’s offered during sales, look no further than student discounts. So, how can one best find out which brands provide student discounts?

To begin, download the UniDAYS app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It will notify you if there are any great discounts or offers available. The best part of this app is that these offers never end! Signing up is a really easy process. You just enter your UMass Boston email address and provide the name of the university so you can authorize it with your student portal, and then you’re done. Once you have the registration complete, the shopping can begin! As Lucy Muncy for The Strategist said:

“Whether you’re decorating your dorm room or upgrading your laptop, back-to-school shopping is no easy (or inexpensive) task. In order to make the process a little easier on your wallet, we put our sales-sleuthing skills to the test to find all of the best discounts for college students, some of which can even be applied year-round (and until graduation)” (1). 

Fashion discounts allow you to save some money on your wardrobe. Think about the perfect article of clothing you saw but passed on because it was too expensive for your budget.  Now, you know that you have special discounts just because you are a student and you can afford it!  A few examples of some great deals on the UniDAYS app are 15 percent off Adidas, 20 percent off when you spend $99 or more at Footlocker, 15 percent off Levis, 20 percent off Asos, 17 percent off Forever 21, and 15 percent off H&M every time you shopjust make sure you carry your student ID. For a year, Hello Fresh is offering a 15 percent discount. Join Costco online and get a $20 Shop Card. Uber Eats is offering a $20 discount on your first order. Lastly, Nutribullet has a 21 percent discount.  

Even technology offers discounts to college students! Apple provides college students a significant discount on modern Mac computers and iPads. During the summer, Apple has a special offer where you can receive free AirPods if you buy a MacBook or an iPad, so keep an eye out for that promotion. UMass Boston even has a tech store with discounted Apple devices for students. 

The Student Arts and Events Council also provides tickets to events and major places in Boston. As stated on the UMass Boston website: 

“All tickets are available regularly, but quantities may be limited. Please check with the Office of Student Activities & Leadership for availability. Limit four passes per month per ticket type” (2).

For less than ten dollars, UMass Boston students can receive tickets in a variety of ways for activities from the university and other places. Being a university student benefits you in many ways. Hopefully, these savings will allow you to save some money the next time you go shopping! As all college students are aware, we are in desperate need of whatever money we can save.


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