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November 27, 2023

Diving into the trends of spring


A UMass Boston student walks down the street sporting an eclectic outfit.

The warm breezes of spring are an essential part of the second semester that many students look forward to. They signal the end of winter, the approaching end of the semester, and most importantly, a chance to refresh their wardrobes. This is a much-needed respite, and we’re all hoping it will bring out the best in us. With such an awesome and amazing climate around us, we can’t wait to finish out our holiday vibes at the beach, strolling around downtown or enjoying being with friends and family. We need to venture into the stores and hunt for outfits that define spring.
Every person’s concept of spring is different since it actually dictates what they want to wear. An open weave sweater, a lovely spring dress, shirts and shorts, a skirt and top, a linen shirt or a denim jacket are all options. In the spring, the temperature is neither too chilly nor too hot.
The season of spring is in between summer and winter, so the fashion is also a mixture. At the start of spring, winter finally left the scene. Similarly, the end of spring heralds the start of summer. The arrival of spring also indicates the blooming of flowers. After a long winter of solitude, the chirping of birds in the daytime and the swarming of bees at night become quite pleasant and relaxing. It’s beautiful to watch a butterfly hop from one bloom to another in the gardens. In the spring, a wide range of flowers blossom. Roses, tulips, daisies and lilies are the most popular flowers this time of year. The sky is painted in beautiful colors, and the Harbor Walk near UMass Boston is the greatest spot for snapping Instagram photos!
Spring fashion is as bright and colorful as the sky and flowers. Everyone has a different reason for loving spring, and mine is that it allows me to put up all of my heavy sweaters and hoodies, and replace them with bright polos, linen shirts and crazy prints.
Designs and prints like smiley faces, stars and bright hues abound this spring to remind us not to carry ourselves too seriously, as life is about enjoying yourself and fashion is about expressing yourself! Wearing a shirt with a smiley face will make not only you smile but also the people around you. As Larissa Mitchell for Teen Vogue said:
“Designers tapped into their inner-child with playful designs featuring nostalgic patterns evoking childhood memories and our wistful affection of the past” (1).
Pretty pastels are a series of tones you should not overlook, since they will help you stand out. Pastel colors convey a feeling of vitality and freshness. Trendsetters are donning these gorgeous hues from head to toe, and a one-piece jumpsuit makes it easy to do so. Pastel accessories may also make a beautiful statement by injecting a pop of sugary hue into any outfit. As Kara Kira for PopSugar said:
“It’s not our first time falling in love with pastels. The soft, comforting color palette paints many childhood memories of sweets, clouds and gentle dreaming” (2).
As students, we must strike a balance between comfort and aesthetics. Whether this means putting on a floral dress or button down, or simply incorporating some pastels into their comfortable loungewear, the students of UMass Boston have a wide range of spring styles to welcome them into the warmer weather and look so on point.

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