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November 27, 2023

Good places to study on and off campus


UMass Boston students look over some papers on the lawn outside of campus.

Looking for a good place to study can be tough. Some places are just too noisy to hear yourself think. Other places are unsettlingly quiet. If a student has an essay to write, a test to study for, or just needs to get some work done, there are plenty of places on campus to choose from. As finals are coming up, the pressure to discover one of these places may be steadily increasing. So, for a brief “tour” through the university’s hangouts and getaways, read on.
The most obvious place is the upper level and first floor of UMass Boston’s Campus Center. With a Dunkin’ nearby and a setup of chairs, tables and couches, for those who’d like to sit comfortably, nowhere else on campus screams “stick around” as much as there. Of course, it can be a little too noisy and lively for some. However, for someone who likes a large quantity of noise in the background—there’s a reason there are apps for soothing background sounds, after all—this floor gets the job done.
If one goes to the third floor of Campus Center, above the hustle and bustle of the hangout below, there are several chairs and tables at the end of the hall. After a short walk past the elevators and going all the way to the end of the hall, the scene should reveal itself. Of course, the noise of the bottom floor is still present, but it does sound far more distant. So, for some place just slightly quieter, there it is.
What about if a student wants total peace and quiet, such as “if a pin should drop my eardrums will explode” quiet? Well, as one might expect, the library would be the place to go to. Specifically, the sixth floor of Healey library is the ideal spot. The “quiet” floor is the spot for those who just need some place to concentrate. If one would like to avoid the potential distractions of nearby loud conversations or unexpected visitors from friends, this place was literally made for them.
The eighth floor of the library is nowhere near as absolute, but is still not loud and rowdy. A sign hangs inside that tells visitors that quiet discussion is all right. If a student wants to get a project done with other people and needs a place where they can both talk and hear themselves talk, then they should make sure to sit down at the tables reserved for small study groups and take care of business. 
Near the library is the Integrated Science Complex. There are a few floors with a limited number of chairs on each. The ISC has a unique vibe, probably due to its unconventional architecturethe floors aren’t evenly placed on top of each other. The building has also been designed to be quieter the further up one goes. It usually isn’t too noisy, so this would probably appeal to the “small noise in the background” crowd that was previously discussed. There is also a Starbucks on the bottom floor, so if Dunkin’ doesn’t sound appealing there are still some chain coffee options available.
Finally, there are many off-campus locations available to those willing to look for them. Each town should have its public/local libraries, so the ones students should go to are relative to where someone is. However, they should be a quick Google search away to those who are interested. The same goes with the many cafes, parks and other possible study locations. Wherever a student chooses to put their books down and get to work: Good luck!

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