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November 27, 2023

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Government election results


Campaign photo of Dhruv Naik and Anjani Naidu.

After a week of online voting, the election results are in! Congratulations to the winners, and good work to everyone who ran in this year’s election. Additionally, The Mass Media would like to give a big thank you to the current USG President and Vice President, Macie Jones and Hadley Zibel, and Student Trustee, Jake Bates, as well as all of the current Senators for all their hard work and commitment over the course of this year.
Total Voters:
Undergraduate:                440
Graduate:                         33
Overall:                            474
Student Trustee:
Mike Dooley         263 votes     55.60 percent            Winner of Election
Jill Vaughn           109 votes     23.04 percent
Gaelle Melhem      55 votes      11.63 percent
Rudy Eiland          46 votes       9.73 percent
Dooley ran on a platform of “Leading Together,” where he advocated for putting students first and for an open education resources initiative, as well as affirming his own public service experience. Dooley was endorsed by the Student Veteran’s Center and the Sport Leadership and Administration Student Association.
USG President/Vice President:                              
Dhruv Naik & Anjani Naidu                          299 votes         67.95 percent
Winner of Election
Angie Klepach & Kaushar Barejiya               141 votes         32.04 percent
Naik and Naidu ran on a platform of “Improve, Invest, Involve.” This means improving health policies at the university; creating and working with more clubs and organizations on campus; investing more in the community, international students, and commuters; and utilizing the Boston Intercollegiate Government and administration to improve relationships on campus. They were endorsed by the Student Veteran’s Center, the Kurdish Student Association, the Desi Student Association, the Asian Student Center, the K-Pop Club, the Queer Student Center, the Pokémon Club, the Khmer Culture Association and the Art Club.
USG Senators
The following students were elected as Senators: Talia Hammond, Vansh Khokhani, Christelle Joseph, Michael Dooley, Isabella Villegas Leal, Isabel Raymond, Danielle McShea and Alex Bielow     
GSA Vice President: 
Delaney Bowen                  21 votes                  63.63 percent           Winner of Election
Choose not to vote             12 votes                  36.36 percent
In a statement provided to the Office of Student Activities, Bowen stated: “As an alumni of [UMass Boston] and a current graduate researcher in Biology, being [Vice President] of the Assembly will allow me to promote student diversity in STEM. As founder of MedLife, I want to open conversations about career options and graduate studies to our student body. Leveraging [UMass Boston] resources for the post-[UMass Boston] chapter is my ultimate goal.”
GSA Treasurer: 
Meaghan Anderson            14 votes                 42.42 percent             Winner of Election
Cam Marsinelli                   11 votes                 33.33 percent
Nakku Hilda                       8 votes                   24.24 percent
In a statement provided to the Office of Student Activities, Anderson stated: “I am a second-year master’s student in Exercise and Health Science program. I enjoy working with others and making people’s lives easier. If elected, I intend to be transparent, adaptable and available for the needs of the Graduate Student Assembly and its constituents.”

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