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November 27, 2023

Should you watch ‘Peacemaker’?


Promotional poster for “Peacemaker” (2022), a new TV series. Used for identification purposes.

When news of a “Peacemaker” tv show first broke, many people were left with a major question: Who asked for this? After all, in his previous appearance in 2021’s “The Suicide Squad,” Peacemaker had (spoiler alert) just stabbed a beloved character in the heart. Not to mention his whole motto was that he treasured peace so much he’d “kill as many men, women and children as he needed to get it.” However, now that all eight episodes of “Peacemaker” have dropped on HBO Max, another question has taken the old one’s place.
Do you really wanna taste it?
For those of you not in the know, that phrase comes from the show’s opening theme. The sequence quickly took the internet by storm as its fun synchronized dancing and generally fun vibe were undeniably fun. The creator and writer of this show, James Gunn, said that he was trying to create an intro that no one could skip past. I’d say that this applies to the entire show. 
However, it certainly isn’t for every taste. Even if you’re into superhero action properties, there are some things in “Peacemaker” that may bother you. For example, if you’re not into violence of any sort then you will definitely not have any fun with this show. It’s gross, gory and gruesome in an indulgent way. Gnarly injuries are played for laughs or are simply just commonplace. For those of you more familiar with Gunn’s Marvel work, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” than with his DCEU work, “The Suicide Squad,” this change in style might be too much of a shift for you.
One thing that comes through in both Gunn’s PG-13 and his hard R work is his sense of humor. A great deal of his character work is done through quick quips and honest writing. What is especially impressive in “Peacemaker” is how naturally funny scenes turn into sad ones. There’s an understanding that humor and tragedy are not both mutually exclusive but can actually go hand in hand. So, when focusing on how this show works on an emotional level, I’d say that “Peacemaker” knocks it out of the park.
One aspect of this show that many responded to was its commentary on current conversations. Peacemaker’s father, played by Robert Patrick, is a white supremacist. Needless to say, there is a great deal of talk about bigotry and hate in this series. Along with that, there are also many quick comments by characters surrounding political correctness and that sort of thing. It is a little difficult to talk about what other current situations are referred to without getting into spoilers, but needless to say, it doesn’t pretend that the real world isn’t being a lot right now. If you would prefer to not hear any of that, even when it is said by villains, then this isn’t the show for you.
What about those of you looking for a spectacle of some sort? Are the CGI and special effects on this show worth seeing? By television standards, I’d say yes. As someone who has seen the entirety of “Supernatural,” I can confidently say the effects on this show are much better than anything on there, no offense Sam and Dean. On the other hand, recent Disney+ shows have featured effects that I personally believe knock these out of the water. Overall, it’s still a fun show to look at, as the comic book colors and visuals are unashamedly presented to the viewer.
“Peacemaker” has a lot to show its audience, not all of it pretty. However, with its sense of humor and great characters, it manages to still be a thrilling ride. So, after reading all of this, I have one question left to ask you: “Do you really wanna taste it?”

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