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Fun things to do this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, whether spent with family or friends, can be a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones that haven’t been seen in a long time. However, there is always the risk of boredom. After all, there’s nothing worse than being in a room full of people when no one’s quite sure what to say. For possible ways to avoid that dreadful scenario, read on.

The most obvious thing to do is play a game. It’s engaging, while also keeping the atmosphere a little laid back. Of course, some games can be a little tedious and can get kind of boring after a while. It is important to remember that there are other options out there.

For example, if a group delights in lots of rules and truly wants to get competitive, there is always Monopoly. However, if the idea of everyone getting frustrated hating each other by the end of the game is a tad bit unattractive, then Monopoly should be steered clear from at all costs. Games that are easy to understand are usually best at gatherings. Heads Up and charades are classics for a reason.

If a group feels like doing an activity and has a great deal of time to do it, solving puzzles may get the job done. It can be extremely involved, but it also allows people to talk about other things, take a break or engage as much as they please. With the amount of leeway this activity leaves, it tends to be a popular choice.

This next one is more for families than gatherings of friends. Indulging in nostalgia and looking back on old memories by flipping through old scrapbooks can help pass the time with relatives. However, this can also be extremely boring to those who don’t like dwelling on the past and don’t want to see 5 million photos of themself as a child. Yet it can be fun for some, and is worth mentioning for that reason.

On a more obvious note, seeing as the holiday being talked about is Thanksgiving, there is always the option of making the fated meal together. If everyone feels up for some cookies, then why not make some cookies? It can be a great way to feel productive for those who don’t enjoy sitting around, and there is some satisfaction in eating home-cooked food. It can also be a good way to connect with older relatives, while chopping vegetables or preparing appetizers.

However, for those who want to lose the calories they will gain during their once-in-a-year meal, it may be a good idea to play a sport. This could be something as involved as football or as simple as playing catch. It’s about having fun with those around, not about being a star athlete—try not to get too competitive about it.

What about those who treasure siting down and relaxing? In this day and age, there is a seemingly infinite amount of options for those in need of rest: Watching a movie, listening to some music, exploring a website or whatever their heart desires.

With smart TVs, it’s extremely easy to get others involved in these things instead of holing up in a corner alone. For instance, investing time in a family game of Mario Kart can be fun and exciting for all ages.

If speeding past Thanksgiving in anticipation of the following Christmas sounds appealing, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in that. Just put on a holiday classic and turn on some carols to enjoy as a group.

Hopefully the list above can help anyone in need of something fun to do get started. And if all of these things fail, there is always the option of eating. People do that on Thanksgiving, right?

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Kyle Makkas, Humor Writer